Learn the Best Pest Control Methods in Your Home

Pests are a common occurrence in homes, especially where regular home maintenance is not practised. They are a real nuisance the moment they find their way into your home. Don’t wait until it gets to this point. Even though you can use defensive solutions to curb a further spread, taking a preventative approach is the most recommended way to pest control.

Different pests thrive in various conditions but some cut across all kinds of pests that can invade your home. These living creatures will only invade homes at our invitation. This occurs when we don’t take the necessary measures to curb them. Therefore, proper home cleaning and maintenance is a basic requirement to effectively deal with pests.

Preventive Measures to Control Various Pests 

So, what are some of the measures to take in order to control the different pests that can infest your home?  Here are some basic tips to apply:  

  • Curbing Roaches and Flies. A clean home is all you need. If you have identified their breeding site, place bay leaves and garlic cucumber slices in that location to limit their growth and spread.

Proper hygiene prevents infestation by flies.  Ensure that you cover trash cans and eatables. 

  • Dealing with mosquitoes. Stagnant water is a no if you want to get rid of mosquitoes from your house. This is the first consideration to make before buying any repellant. 
  • Repelling Spiders. Liquid detergent and peppermint water solution is a perfect spray for repelling spiders.   
  • Preventing Ants Invasion. Get rid of any food crumbs in your house. Exercise proper kitchen hygiene to prevent invasion by these pests. 
  • Bed bugs Prevention. These thrive in dusty conditions especially on floors and in beds. Therefore, clean your carpets and bed linens from time to time.  
  • Rodents such as rats and mice:  You can easily prevent rodent incursion by getting rid of water, food sources and such-like conditions where they thrive. If they have already invaded your home, you may consider hiring a professional mice exterminator

The best way to deal with rodents’ infestation is to identify their breeding site to stop their spread. Professional rodent exterminators are usually equipped with tools and solutions to manage this situation. 

Important Home Practices to Prevent Pests 

Cleaning your home, sometimes isn’t enough especially if pests can find gateways to your home. Therefore, proceed to do the following on top of your cleaning routine.

  • Seal door, window and wall cracks

Tiny openings in your home are avenues to pest infestations. Therefore, ensure that you do a thorough inspection regularly to identify these openings and seal them. Common places to check include the doorway, windows and room walls. 

There could also be cracks on the floor and in the roof area. Inspect all cable wiring and drainage pipes for cracks. All these are hiding and breeding sites for pests. 

  • Maintain well-trimmed plants 

Plants are a good addition to your home. However, they can be a concern, especially with pest infestation. To make the most of your plants, ensure that your gardens are properly kept and maintained. 

Cut off any plant extensions that aid the entry of pests to your home. Unkempt gardens are breeding sites for pests. Therefore, remember to trim your plants and get rid of excess branches and shrubs around your home.  

  • Check Your Lighting Sources 

Some insects fly towards certain light sources, especially the basic mercury vapor ones. To address this issue, you may have to install high-pressure halogen or sodium vapor lights that are not an interesting sight for insects. Again, flying insects are least attracted by orange, yellow or pink tints on bulbs. It is something to consider to curb pest invasions. 

Outdoor security lights are better installed at a distance pole other than on your exterior walls to prevent pests gathering around them.  All you need is sufficient light reaching your compound and not these disturbing insects. 

Prevention is better than cure. The same applies to pest control. You would rather engage in getting rid of conditions in which pests thrive in than dealing with active pest infestations in your home. Exercising preventive measures is not only a good idea but also a cost-effective approach to dealing with these living organisms. These pest control methods should help you live in a pest-free home!