Interesting Fun Facts About Las Vegas You Probably Didn’t Know

Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay

Las Vegas has to be one of the most extravagant places in the world to visit. From its lavishly decorated casinos to expansive resorts and blinding lights, Vegas feels like an entirely different planet.  

Despite the global, mainstream popularity of Las Vegas, there are some interesting facts that you’ve probably never heard about this city. Hopefully, they’ll give you a different perception on things related to Las Vegas, other than being famous as the Sin City. So, here they are:

Las Vegas is not the capital city of Nevada

Are you surprised, much? Like many states and countries, Nevada’s most famous city is not its capital city. The capital of Nevada is Carson City. Back in the days, Carson City was the progressive industrial centre of the state due to an abundance of silver mines, so they made it the capital city. However, things have changed with time, and today, many people can’t even find Carson City on the map.

Its first attractions were atomic bombs

The idea of using atomic explosions as reasons to celebrate might seem a bit extreme, even for a place like Las Vegas. Yet, that is exactly what was happening in Nevada’s party town in mid-fifties. At a time when nuclear detonations were regular events at the Nevada Test Site, some 65 miles north-west of the city, guests gathered at casinos just to watch mushroom clouds rise. Beauty pageants and choosing the Miss Atomic Bomb were held in the same decade as a way to celebrate America’s position at the technology forefront. There’s a lot to read and find out about the madness behind this pastime at the city’s National Atomic Testing Museum.

It’s not only a city attraction for adults

Las Vegas may sound like the last place that you’d want to bring your kids. However, the city has much more family activities and fun to offer than you might expect in the first place. There are many family-friendly attractions such as The Discovery Children’s Museum, Marvel’s Avengers Station, Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Coca-Cola Stores, Museum of city’s fallen lights and many more.

11 story tall slot machine

This obviously isn’t a working slot machine, because if it were- the payout would crush you. While you plan your visit to this impressive one of a kind venue, check out this selection of the best new online slots that are players’ favourite among online casino communities. The so-called Slotzilla is the city’s famous 11-story tall slot machine. Instead of churning out coins, it sends you flying out the front because it’s a zip line that will have you flying over the crowd on Freemont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Visitors can choose between a sitting position which zips from seven stories up or being in a Superman-style position that flies over five blocks of the Fremont Street Experience.  

There is another city of Las Vegas

While this city is undoubtedly trendy, it’s not the only one. On the map of New Mexico in the north-west of the state, you’ll notice another town named Las Vegas. It has a functioning train station making it the Las Vegas you can go by train. Alternatively, you could plan a road trip that will take you into some fascinating places of the American West such as Santa Fe and Albuquerque. This is indeed a fun idea if you want to experience a different Las Vegas. 

If you were amused reading these Las Vegas facts, just think how much fun you’ll have when you visit this place or experience it differently if you’ve been here. Check out the many resource pages and resort guides online to help you plan your visit to this vibrant and exciting city.