Four Great Reasons to Retire in Las Vegas

If you’re a Baby Boomer, aged 60-74, and you’re thinking about retiring in a city with a warm climate and more things to do than just about any other place in the world, consider Las Vegas.

Why would anyone want to retire, full-time, in Las Vegas? 

Well, that’s exactly what we thought when the idea was first presented to us. Living most of our lives in Southern California, we’d visited Vegas many times over the years and we had a lot of fun, but the idea that we might someday settle down there wasn’t something we would have imagined, but it’s exactly what my husband and I did a few years ago and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. 

Here Are 4 Reasons We’re Glad We Retired In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Makes a Great Home Base For Travelers Like Us

As with many Baby Boomers, one of our biggest retirement goals was to travel – a lot. So, when it came to where we were going to live, choosing a city with a great international airport was high on our list. And it needed to be convenient, easy to get to, and it needed to offer plenty of affordable flights to our favorite destinations. McCarran International Airport fits the bill, perfectly!

We spent most of our lives in the Los Angeles area where traffic was horrendous – especially getting to or from LAX. I’ve heard it said that if you live in LA, your more likely to find someone to commit a crime for you than you would be to find someone to drive you to the airport. It’s a nightmare! Vegas on the other hand has virtually no traffic at all. Getting to the airport is so easy and parking costs less than half of what you’d pay at LAX. So, making Vegas our “home-base” was a great decision.

The Weather!
If you love warmth and sunshine Las Vegas has plenty of it!  No snow blowers or snow shovels needed in this desert climate! In fact, most homes have desert landscaping so you won’t even need a lawnmower. 

If you hate winter, Las Vegas could be the place for you. Most days are sunny – and people here tend to love the dry heat of the summer. A couple of weeks out of the year can have excessive heat (over 110), but that’s a small price to pay for the tradeoff of a mild winter.  Winters are cool and sunny. – every once in awhile Las Vegas will get a dusting of snow but it rarely sticks and it feels like being in a snow globe which is a fun phenomenon.

If you think you’ll miss snow – 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas is Mt. Charleston where you can ski and play in the snow and then drive home to your warm dry home. Ski resorts in California and Utah are also nearby. So if you need a dose of winter, snow is nearby without being overwhelming.

With hiking and biking and plenty of neighborhood parks, Las Vegas has a climate that most people adapt to easily. But remember, if you just can’t stand the heat, getting away from the Las Vegas summer is super easy with McCarren International Airport just a few minutes from your house. Here we come, Bahamas!

The People!  

I always thought of Las Vegas as a vacation town but the majority of people here are residents raising families, going to work and living life as in any city. There are many transplants from other cities in the U.S. so it makes for vibrant communities of people desiring a warm healthy lifestyle. 

Many of the communities have great facilities pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields. There is plenty of wide-open space for people to run and play and dog parks are also popular. Not to mention, the housing prices and property taxes are reasonable compared to other cities it’s size. 

Although there are sales taxes,  Nevada does not have a state income tax which makes the state especially attractive to those wanting to keep their tax costs down.

Live Entertainment!  

Oh my gosh! I can not say enough about how fun it is to go to a show, a concert, or a sporting event in Las Vegas!! Music on and off The Strip is amazing. The most popular recording artists, from current stars like Usher or Christina Aguilera to classic acts like Sting, Steely Dan, and the Doobie Brothers appear in Las Vegas all the time. 

If you’re a sports fan, Vegas is home to the NHL’s Golden Knights and the NFL’s Raiders. For baseball fans, the city is home to the Las Vegas Aviators – the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. And if you’re a college basketball fan, the UNLV Rebels are right here in Vegas too.

I’ve lived in other places where there were plenty of live events to choose from but getting to the venue, parking and the high cost of tickets made the idea unpleasant – so I rarely did it. If you live in Vegas you can actually go to events and you never need to worry about traffic or parking. Parking is plentiful and almost always free, and we’ve found that ticket prices are lower than in most major cities.

Or you can go to an event and do a staycation at one of the wonderful hotels at the same time. Co-vid has put a temporary halt to live events but that is temporary. Music and shows will be back and we will appreciate them more than ever.

The Food!

And if everything I’ve told you about isn’t enough… Las Vegas has some of the best food in the country. From local Taco Joints and Food Trucks to exclusive dining experiences like you’ll find at the Michelin 3-Star Joël Robuchon, you won’t go hungry in Vegas.

So… If you’re considering a retirement move and you’re committed to staying active, traveling, and enjoying great food and entertainment, add Las Vegas to your list and plan a visit soon!