Elena Ledoux assumes Chief Operations Officer position with Las Vegas-based Boss Security Screens

Elena Ledoux assumes Chief Operations Officer position with Las Vegas-based Boss Security Screens

Elena Ledoux has taken on the role of chief operations officer for Las Vegas-based Boss Security Screens. Ledoux brings 16 years of professional experience to the position, including co-founding the Superb Maids cleaning company, practicing law and launching an energy drink for moms. 

“I can’t think of anyone better for this role. Boss has experienced tremendous growth after only being in business for two years, and we need someone to develop internal structures and systems to support future growth,” said Boss Founder, James Kerr. 

Boss Founder, James Kerr
Boss Founder, James Kerr

Ledoux assumed the position in July after successfully navigating the startup and growth of Superb Maids for the past five years. The company now employs more than 30 people in Las Vegas.  

In her new role, she will develop operational systems for customer service and product manufacturing to help Boss grow into a national enterprise. 

“James is great at identifying needs, creating companies and building momentum. I’m good at organizing them and helping them run efficiently, while making sure nothing falls through the cracks with customers or with suppliers. We work well together,” Ledoux added. 

Started 2018, Boss Security Screens now has 10 full-time employees and serves Nevada and Arizona. The company was born out of a personal experience Kerr, a mechanical engineer, had with finding a suitable window security screen for his own home. He ended up sourcing his own product, after finding out that what was on the market didn’t meet his standards.  

Boss Security Screens are constructed with aluminum and steel capable of withstanding Category 4 hurricane force, and the screens easily thwart burglaries and forced intrusions. 

“While I know my skill set can help Boss right now, I can also identify with the need our customers have to feel safe. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home,” Ledoux said. 

Ledoux is also tasked with managing a complex supply chain needed to craft the security screens. Currently, materials are procured nationally, and Ledoux will simplify the supply chain while maintaining product quality. 

Ledoux also emphasizes the importance of the company giving back to the community. Boss supports local nonprofit groups serving veterans, animals, law enforcement and other community needs. In the future, Ledoux will create opportunities to help others in need of security screens who may not be able to afford them. 

“We feel Las Vegas is very wounded by all that’s going on with the pandemic. We want to try to make sure we create avenues for all businesses and consumers to connect with us,” she noted. “We see it as fundamental to doing our part so individuals and businesses can get through this unique time.”