Local Security Screen Company Adjusts to Shifting Customer Needs During Pandemic

Local Security Screen Company Adjusts to Shifting Customer Needs During Pandemic

During these unprecedented times, certain home security trends still hold true. One out of every five homes in the U.S. will be victimized by a violent home invasion. Home burglaries still occur every 15 seconds and 79% of home break-ins occur through the front or back doors or a window.   

Las Vegas-based Boss Security Screens opened its doors in January 2018 with a superior security offering that’s strong enough to handle Category-4 hurricanes and stop burglaries before they happen. While business has continued to grow, the company has adjusted to changing customer needs during the pandemic. Here, founder and CEO, James Kerr, talks about some of his learnings and adjustments his company has made through the pandemic.  

  • Greater commercial demand. With the pandemic, commercial break-ins are on the rise. Marijuana dispensaries saw more break-in activity in Denver earlier this year. Restaurants were a target around the country as well. 

Commercial requests are increasing for Boss, too. One client, a long-time Valley chiropractor, endured several office vandalism experiences. He turned to Boss to solve the problem, and the product has delivered, allowing the healthcare practitioner and his staff to feel, safe and secure, and for business activity to continue.  

  • Homeowners are concerned about aesthetics, too. Homeowners still make up the greatest portion of Boss’ business. While safety is the top priority, they don’t want their home to look and feel like a prison. 

“Boss security screens look like solar screens but are stronger than bars,” Kerr noted. “Each is custom made to fit the home with over 300 different color options. Once they are on your home, you won’t even notice they are there. They offer maximum security from break-ins, and easily squelch forced intrusions, but without giving up the views or the airflow.” 

  • Security solutions also support pandemic health guidelines. It’s an added benefit customers are discovering with their Boss security screens. Homeowners can now stay safe and socially distant at their front and back doors when dealing with yard workers, people coming over for estimates for work on the home, and when speaking with solicitors or neighbors. 
  • Social unrest is now a part of the reason people feel unsafe.  

“You have people starting to lose their homes. You have to be able to protect yourself and keep people from coming into the home if people take to the streets. Security is important. Anything can happen at any time. With these, I don’t have to even give it a second thought.” 

– James Garcia, a Boss Security Screen customer who admits to now sleeping better at night 

  • Giving is good business. As a young business, Boss has committed to giving back to the communities it serves. With more millennials now becoming homeowners, there’s a drive for community conscious and transparent business practices. Kerr is also developing the “Safe Home Project,” a nonprofit to help lower income families secure their homes. 

“SHP will give us the structure to give away our products and services to those who need it most but can afford it least,” he said. “There’s a deeply abiding moral obligation to give. Each of us knows it. So, we do. We focus on both large and small organizations with our giving, with no political ties: Unicef, Red Cross, Charity Water, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.”  

For more info, call Boss Security Screens at (702) 637-0255 or visit:  BossSecurityScreens.com