Five Famous Gambling Spots in Las Vegas

Five Famous Gambling Spots in Las Vegas
Photo credit: Caesars Palace

Las Vegas is known all around the world for its nightclubs and casinos. People visited the city to experience these clubs’ hype and the exciting feeling while playing inside Vegas’ finest casinos. This city has become a tourist destination because of its nightlife and gambling.

Even people who are not gamblers love to experience the thrill in Vegas. If you plan to visit Las Vegas to experience gambling for the first time, here are the top five famous gambling spots that you might want to include in your itinerary. 

Mandalay Bay 

Besides offering their guests a five-star accommodation and luxurious vacation, Mandalay Bay is also a well-known gambling spot in Las Vegas. It is also located south end of the famous Las Vegas strip where all famous hotels, resorts, and casinos are located. 

Mandalay Bay’s Casino offers its guests a 135,000 square foot gaming area where you can enjoy your favorite game in a tropical-themed ambiance with its lush greeneries and flowing water in addition to the Casino’s exotic design. 

Caesars Palace 

Another casino that is located in the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace, does not only offer typical casino games but also offers punters sport betting activities inside the Casino. Caesars Palace will be the best destination for you if you plan to bet on a sport instead of playing poker or slot machines. 

The palace has a Roman-style resort that gives its guests a luxury vibe during their stay. Its vast gaming space, known as the Sportsbook, is where the sports betting action occurs. 

MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Las Vegas is famous for hosting international boxing matches and known for its Casino. Their Casino is one of the best casinos in the city, as it offers a wide variety of table games. It also has the most extensive gaming area in Las Vegas, where you will enjoy it.

The MGM Grand Casino is also recommended for non-gamblers as they offer friendly tables where you do not need to bet significant amounts to enjoy a night at the MGM. This destination has various offers for non-gamblers to enjoy during their stay at the Casino. 


If you love slot machines, ARIA Resort and Casino is the recommended destination for you. Located at the strip and a part of the City Complex, it’s Casino has one of Vegas’s largest slot-machine areas. If slot machines are your thing, then you will surely be delighted if you visit ARIA’s Casino. 

Aria casino also has the most exclusive slot rooms within the Nevada state. These rooms have a high-limit with a $5.000 worth per slot machine pull. The Casino housed almost 2,000 slot machines, the biggest in Las Vegas.


Other Casinos in Vegas have their specialty, and Bellagio is one of these casinos. It is every poker enthusiast’s go-to as they have the most favorited poker rooms for both amateurs and professional poker players. 

However, it is highly discouraged with the current situation to attend gambling events in person with the threat of the coronavirus. There are other ways that you can enjoy gambling without putting your health at risk. Online casinos are rampant nowadays and become very popular during the pandemic. 

What You Can Bet Online

As an alternative to traditional gambling inside a casino, you can now gamble without booking a flight to Vegas. Technology paved the way for online casinos that are even more popularized by the current pandemic. 

Online casinos offer both sports betting and casino games betting. One of the sports you can bet online is horse racing, a very timely sport as the Breeder’s cup 2020 is fast approaching. 

Online casinos will provide you the complete contender line up where you can choose who you want to bet on. Horse racing is one of the popular sports that most punters gamble on as it can provide fast results and big profit. 

Besides horse racing, you can also bet for other sports online, such as football, boxing, and tennis. It is also possible for poker fans to play online through these online casino websites. Online gambling sites that offer poker games accept real-life funds and credit it to the player’s account. 

Other games available in online casinos are blackjack, baccarat, roulette. There are various games to play and sports to bet online, so you will not be bored during this quarantine. Search for the best online gambling sites or casinos where you will start your online gambling journey. 


Currently, most of the casinos in Vegas have reopened with a new set of rules and guidelines for their guests and players. However, it is still best to wait until a vaccine is out before you travel and gamble in these casinos. Always prioritize your health above anything else, and after a year, when the virus subsides, you can pursue your dream Las Vegas expedition.