Views by Eric J Dalius on Handling Entrepreneurial Setbacks Efficiently

Views by Eric J Dalius on Handling Entrepreneurial Setbacks Efficiently
Image by William Iven from Pixabay

As an entrepreneur, you should focus on the building blocks of a business. Employing strategies without executing them efficiently will not attract any profits to your company. Strengthening and understanding every aspect of the business is of the utmost importance to succeed in the industry. Setbacks and failures are part of any business and you need to be ready to deal with them efficiently. So plan properly and you can deal with any situation. 

Outsourcing to Reduce Overheads and Other Costs

Outsourcing is an effective method that businesses follow to reduce costs. It reduces overhead charges and cuts down on other costs, such as research and development costs, maintenance costs, and depreciation costs, among others. The time and capital outsourcing aids can act as a significant gain to a business in the near future.

For instance, several contract research organizations and contract manufacturing firms in the healthcare industry can help drug and medical device manufacturers in research and product development. If you outsource activities, you do not need to invest lots of money to buy the equipment and machinery.

Stop Working with Aggressive Clients

A client and a businessperson relationship is mutual. Therefore, it is wise to work with clients who believe in giving and take methodology. Many clients crib about your product or service quality, even though you are working tirelessly to offer the best service. For a business with tangible products, a few clients initiate refunds and money back methods. It causes much pain for service providers, as most service providers sign into contracts and agreements for longer timeframes. It is highly possible that two in ten clients will not feel satisfied. However, working on your errors and promising a better solution is the key.

Nevertheless, if you feel a particular client is always coming up with problems, errors, and issues, you will need to review your current customer base. You can also start looking for customers to take up the slack. Toxic clients will not just give a headache to the business owner, but highly demotivate the employees who handle such customers. EJ Dalius is of a strong opinion that demoralized staff can lead them to seek healthy pastures elsewhere. As a result, you could lose a loyal employee to gain a few dollars.

Branch out the Business Line

Do not put all the eggs in one basket. If one egg cracks, you will find your overall business facing troubles. Therefore, you can diversify your business so that if one arm fails, your business will not face a downfall. Eric Dalius believes that diversification smoothes out the investment returns and decreases the company’s risk. It is one of the best ways to minimize risk and reduce the potential harm to a business. 

In such uncertain times, thinking about alternative strategies to sustain in the industry is vital. For instance, if any economic activity affects your business, then there is another part of the company to help you withstand and overcome the losses.

Concentric Diversification to Your Survival

Concentric diversification includes expansion into products and services in line with the current offerings. For instance, an automobile company can diversify with the addition of trucks to its existing line of vehicles. Trucks are heavy vehicles but come under vehicles categories, therefore, called concentric diversification. One of the prime advantages of such a strategy is the synergy that your business will create in the market, owing to the complementary nature of the products and services that you will offer. Moreover, your business will already possess the technical knowledge and expertise that the diversification depends on. This way you will save money on the addition of new employees too.

Conglomerate Diversification Possesses Risks, but a Great Aid

Conglomerate diversification means investing and expanding into unrelated business lines. For instance, an automobile company can start a new arm handling the real estate or food business. The streams are entirely independent of each other. In light of this, this calls for hiring expert staff to handle the new business line, adding to your current costs. In addition to that, you have to buy the necessary machinery for the new business and obtain regulatory permissions and nods for your business’s operation. Although this helps increase the returns if one company fails, many entrepreneurs fail to give equal attention to both business areas.

Networking at its Best

Networking can also attract a lot of stakeholders. Networking, in these unprecedented times, can gain you great deals. New businesses with unique offerings are easy to snare. With proper networking modes, Eric J Dalius believes you can increase your market share to a substantial level. You can partner with your stakeholders and offer your customers high-end products and services. In these uncertain times, you can make use of digital events to reach your target audience. You can conduct webinars and attract suppliers and vendors to partner with you. Networking aids in exchanging information, as well as referrals, to attain the goals of your company.

Giving Chances to Low Performers

Every company will comprise of low performers that do not contribute significantly to bringing revenue to the table. Experts do not recommend firing the employee without giving any chance for improvement. An aspect that can help you with firing decision-making is the performance improvement plan for the low performers. This can motivate the employees, and they can let go of negatives and rebind to get strong business. If there is no change in the employee’s performance, then the employer can relieve that person.

Often, businesses become unaware that the main objective of their business lies in providing cutting-edge services and products to their clients. Generally, ineffective processes are a part of a firm as companies are afraid of change and risk and do not make any strategic policy changes. As a result, you need to evaluate the ineffective processes and modify them according to the industry needs. The methods need a vigorous brainstorming session with the top-level designations in the company to get a facelift.