Remarkable Women Pilots – Their Legacy Lives on in Vegas

Remarkable Women Pilots - Their Legacy Lives on in Vegas
Amelia Earhart – Image by skeeze from Pixabay

It’s safe to say that when it comes to the world, and how we look at what men and women can do in it, we don’t always stop and appreciate exactly how hard women have had to fight to get the rights they were always deserving of. 

Whether it was the right to vote or to work, women have championed their rights for decades now, as they should. Women pilots, in particular, were fearless and incredible women who entered into a mostly male-dominated industry and commanded respect with their accomplishments. 

A popular activity in Vegas these days is to get behind the controls of a plane and do some stunts, so we will honor all the contributions made by female pilots by taking a look at some of the most legendary ones from the history books. 

Amelia Earhart

Generations of women owe their ability to be able to fly a plane to this one lady, and she has one of the best reputations in history – Amelia Earhart changed the game when she got involved with flying. 

From interpretations of the character in modern films like Night at the Museum, or simply her bio in all the history books, Earhart is one character who earned her accomplishments. 

She managed to single-handedly inspire an entire generation of women to fight for their right to do a lot of things, and it was thanks to her that when the planes in Vegas take off, many of the impressive and innovative pilots are women. Right up until her disappearance in 1937, she was making a name for herself proving that women could be just as good, if not better, than men. 

Amy Johnson

If you want to thank another talented woman who gave females the right to get up in a plane in Vegas, then Amy Johnson is probably one of the best candidates for the job. She’s an English woman who managed to forge a career in aviation for herself at roughly the same time that Amelia Earhart got started. 

Her goal was initially to fly to Australia from Britain, and be the first pilot to do so. This is what she accomplished in 1930, and she was well known for this endeavour.

In World War Two she struck a blow for women everywhere by entering service as a pilot to help fight against enemies of freedom. She managed to get all the way to the rank of first officer before she was sadly killed in 1941 following a crash into the Thames. 

Emily Howell Warner

If you wanted to find the woman who put a commercial airline pilot into the stratosphere of female careers, this is the lady you have to thank for it. Emily was born in 1939, and she is the first ever female captain of a US airline.

In a career which began at age 17, Emily had a lot of unique and exciting challenges to face, but she did them all with style. She took an office job and flying lessons for a year before coming out of it with a pilot’s licence. 

In 1973, she was offered a job by Frontier Airlines and promptly opened the door for over 300 women to join her by the end of the decade. She changed the way that women looked at the airline industry – once being relegated to the role of air hostess, now women could battle their way to the top and captain their very own plane. 

Emily set the world on fire with her ventures and changed the landscape for airlines completely. She’s still alive to this day and is a beacon of respect and hope for young female pilots everywhere. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the magical world of female pilots, you can see there’s a lot of women who are worthy of many different titles and honours. These are people who proved that when it came to flying, they had what it takes to be the best of the best, and they paved the way for thousands more after them. 

A big thing to do in the world of Vegas is to be able to fly a plane, and it is thanks to people like Amelia Earhart and her hallowed colleagues that women can do this with such ease. Vegas is a beautiful part of the world because it doesn’t discriminate, especially between gender or race or anything like that – all are welcome under the neon lights of the casinos and entertainment strips. 

All of these incredible women pilots are why there’s so much diversity in the world of Vegas and indeed the greater world as a whole. They proved once and for all that women could do absolutely everything and anything, and for that, they’ve earned their right to the high praise.