Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Work on Professional Presence

Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Work on Professional Presence

Hiring doesn’t stop just because 2020 is winding down. While it may be tempting for job hunters to take a break over the holidays, end-of-year is actually a great time to network and advance your search.

“Companies may have a fill-or-lose policy on open positions, so hiring doesn’t slow down,” said Taurean Consulting Group CEO Sonia Petkewich.

A major refresh of your LinkedIn profile and resume is a great way to utilize down time over the holidays, as well as taking an online course that you’ve been eyeing or finally getting that certification. 

Many courses are available during the holidays for a discount, and Taurean is offering 95 percent off the list price of courses through the end of the year as part of its Online Certification Training Sale.

“The more you learn, the more you grow professionally and ultimately become more valuable in the market,” Petkewich said.

The holidays are also a great time to network. Petkewich recommends connecting with 50 people to wish them a happy holiday season. 

“Come from a place of connection and not job search,” she said. “Send an email or use a professional or social networking site, such as LinkedIn or Facebook, to get in touch. The holiday season is a great excuse to touch base and a good time to reinforce or expand your network.”

Job seekers and employers alike should plan to attend virtual events happening at this time. For employers, the holidays are also a good time to reevaluate search efforts from previous months. 

“Forecast your future hiring needs and work with Human Resources to improve job descriptions, your hiring brand and the process if there were gaps,” Petkewich advises. “Engage your team in hearing their feedback on the hiring process.”


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