Vegas’ New Shining Star: Symposium Offers Zero-Cost Live Video Platform for Experts from All Walks of Life to Earn Easily

Vegas’ New Shining Star: Symposium Offers Zero-Cost Live Video Platform for Experts from All Walks of Life to Earn Easily

Good news for consultants, trainers, and entrepreneurs, and creative people hoping to make money in 2020! To encourage and support them amidst the pandemic outbreak, Symposium dropped its 20% service charge earlier levied for packaging and marketing of services. 

The announcement made by Las Vegas-based Symposium, early in the year to slash the 20% service charge per successful session will continue throughout the year, in a way to help experts recoup losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This benevolent measure has been taken to help, teachers, gym trainers, experts, fashion influencers, writers, entrepreneurs, singers, and many more who have incurred heavy losses in this terrible economy. People who are willing to use this platform can market their services, products, knowledge, and time by entertaining, educating, motivating, and inspiring the global crowd.

Furthermore, online consultations and session bookings are made hassle-free, just one click, and the job is done! This year, the members will be at liberty to decide at what price they want to sell their services or their live session charges. The payments that the clients will make are directly going to go to the wallets of the members, although, for each successful transaction, the service charge is applicable with a 20% relaxation. Symposium will keep itself afloat by collecting a small commission on the tips.

According to the CEO of Symposium, Joseph Baumgartel, this pandemic has derailed many lives. Loss of jobs, opportunities, small businesses, and much more has wreaked havoc in the lives of people who had to meet their clients or students or patients in person before this COVID happened.

Symposium understands the dire necessity of the situation. So, it is upholding the digital platform facilitates the smooth functioning of online businesses, consultations, workshops, sessions, classes, tutorials, and much more. The shift from real to virtual will continue to gain momentum even after the pandemic because the world is going through a rapid paradigm shift as far as digitalization is concerned. 

Symposium has enabled experts all over the US to earn extra bucks for their time without having to worry about paying any extra fee. Also, it has glorified this platform as a forum where influencers, experts, celebrities, and more can engage with their fans from any type of device. The plus point of this is that the craze for the services remains as it is even when meeting with clients in person is not happening. The people who want to make use of a particular service they find relevant can book their slot with just one click and pay with their credit cards. After the delivery of the services, the service provider gets the payment directly. 

Bootstrappers, students, teachers, experts in different fields are finding this platform enormously useful because this is sustainable and global. 


Symposium is a company with the vision to bring about an enormous change in this “new normal” situation. The tech company is based in Las Vegas and is counted among the best ones in the entire country. Scheduling, operating, marketing, packaging, and reaching out to people are all child’s play now with Symposium working side by side with you. To know more, you can visit