Top 10 Best Places In Las Vegas Where You Can Play Slots

Top 10 Best Places In Las Vegas Where You Can Play Slots
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The City of Lights

Las Vegas. Also known as the City of Lights, for its numerous neon ads, or as the Sin City, placed in the middle of the Great Mojave desert, has been attracting casino games fans from all over the globe since the opening of the first casino back in the 1930’s.

Las Vegas represents the largest city in the Mojave area, nowadays known as the cultural, financial, and economic centre of the Nevada state. It is recognized worldwide as probably the largest resort city, famous for its numerous casinos and magnificent resorts, shopping malls and dining places, as well as rich nightlife and various entertainment possibilities.

Las Vegas Casinos

In order to find out which places in Las Vegas are the best to play slots, we must first briefly overview the geographical location of those casinos. In short, Las Vegas gambling offerings are all categorized and positioned in one of four popular “gambling areas”:

  • The Las Vegas Strip, or just The Strip
  • Las Vegas Downtown
  • North Las Vegas
  • The Boulder Area

Popular Casinos for Slots

The Strip represents the most popular Las Vegas gambling area, although it is not located within the city borders. In fact, it is located just south of the city, covering around 7km through two small towns of Winchester and Paradise. It is the birthplace of some of the most renowned casinos in the world, such as the Bellagio, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Luxor Las Vegas, and Aria, the casino winner of the 2019 CNN award in the “Best Casino For Slots” categoryl The average win percentage for Las Vegas Strip casinos is about 8.16%.

Las Vegas Downtown can boast plenty of reputable casinos, such as Golden Gate, Fremont, Downtown Grand Las Vegas, Golden Nugget, El Cortez, The Plaza, etc. The average slots win percentage in 2019 for the casino operators located in the Downtown Las Vegas area is slightly under 8% with a value of 7.78%.

North Las Vegas is the third popular gambling area. It is a home of casinos such as Silver Nugget, Aliante, as well as Fiesta Hotel & Casino. The slots payout percentage for North area casinos is exactly 6.71%. This is the place every fan of playing online slots for fun at home should visit to feel the atmosphere.

The fourth Las Vegas’ popular gambling region is the Boulder Area. It contains casinos with some of the largest halls in the city, such as the casino Sam’s Town, Boulder Station, and Eastside Cannery. Their average payout percentage for slot machines in 2019 was the lowest among these four areas, reaching a value of 5.78%.

The Strip Casinos

Aria represents a casino with one of the largest collections of slot machines on The Strip It is home to almost 2000 slot games, as well as a host of numerous slots tournaments a couple of times in a year. In addition, it also offers the most exclusive slot room for high-limit players, which was specially designed by a famous architect P. Marino, offering 100% luxury and comfort with its full-service dining area, professional staff, separate rooms for the dollar-slot ticket exchange, as well as private rooms and bathrooms when you want to enjoy your time with your closest friends. This exact high-limit slot machine room offers games whose wager limit goes up to $5000 per spin!

Bellagio offers a wide range of slot machines to enjoy, ranging from so-called penny machines up to high-limit versions with required bets reaching a sum of over $1000! And the best proof that Bellagio slots can pay big is the fact that back in August 2020, a player won the progressive jackpot worth an astonishing amount of $3.9 million by playing the Dancing Drums Explosion slot!

MGM Grand Las Vegas represents one of the largest hotels and casinos in Sin City. It is a home of thousands of various slot machines, from penny slots to high-limit progressive ones, which pay out massive jackpot amounts, such as the Rolling Drums or the Dancing Drums slots. MGM Grand also offers private high-limit VIP slot rooms with separate restrooms, lounges, dining areas, and a squad of highly professional staff.

Downtown Casinos

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Golden Nugget is a current holder of multiple Casino Player Best of Gaming awards, as the Best of Downtown Las Vegas 2020 winner in 9 different categories, including Best Video Slots and Best Slot Tournaments. Their slot collection contains more than 1000 various titles, and you can enjoy them by betting from only 1 cent! Golden Nugget is also a reputable hotel offering various exclusive restaurants and dining rooms, private gambling rooms, as well as a variety of relaxing options, such as pools and spas.

El Cortez represents one of the most popular places to play various slots, according to the majority of Las Vegas players. The main reason for such occurrence probably lies in the rumour that goes around between the players, which says that El Cortez is home of the “loosest” slot games, which are around 40% looser (they pay better) than those in the Las Vegas Strip casinos. You are always welcome to check such rumors, and you will be welcomed by a wide range of slot machines, as well as a professional casino staff.

You simply cannot visit the City of Lights and avoid the famous Plaza Hotel & Casino, located in the heart of the city. It boasts over 700 slots, claiming that they are the loosest in Las Vegas. Some of the offerings of the Plaza Casino includes games such as the Zodiac Lion, Lucky Buddha, Willy Wonka, Wheel of Fortune: Cash Ring, as well as Buffalo Diamond and Triple Double Red Hot Bells, some of the latest released titles in the slot machine world.

North Las Vegas Casinos

Silver Nugget is a Las Vegas-based casino with over 50 years of experience in providing the best gambling services. It offers a wide selection of slot machines with solid payout percentage rates. Located in the north area of the city, it is home to a massive 14,000-square-feet hall, which regularly hosts multiple slot tournaments, as well as a number of other gambling-related events. The casino boasts one of the best rewards programs named the My Points Las Vegas Resorts Program, said to pay out more than other offered loyalty programs.

Aliante casino and resort offers around 1800 different slot machines to enjoy, placed in a massive gaming space covering around 125,000 square feet! Among them, you will come across some of the most popular titles from the most renowned developers, as well as a selection of progressive slots, which are known for paying massive jackpots.

Boulder Area

Although not as popular as The Strip or Las Vegas Downtown, this area is still the home for several casinos worth visiting. One of such operators is the Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, which represents one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, covering an area of around 120,000 square feet! Sam’s Town offers a nice selection of penny slots, high-limit machines, as well as progressive games, through which you can win extraordinary amounts.

Final Words

So, after inspecting all four Las Vegas gambling areas, all you need to do is to select one, pack your things, and start enjoying shiny neon lights, the finest dining rooms, the most luxurious hotels and casinos, as well as hundreds of other commodities the City of Lights has to offer!

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