4 Christmas Card Etiquette Tips

The popular practice of sending and receiving Christmas greetings each year undoubtedly fosters holiday merriment and family bonding. By extension, it also helps remind friends and family both near and far that you’re thinking of them fondly during this special time of the year.

Despite this long-standing tradition, though, some people may not know where to start or how to go about mailing holiday greetings. In fact, people both young and old alike may need some ideas on how to carry out this custom with the proper form and grace.

Here are four Christmas card etiquette tips that will help make sending out annual holiday cards a welcome tradition for you and your family. 

1. Make a List and Check It Twice

It’s never too early to start making your list and checking it twice to find out who’s…well, you get the rest. Indeed, these days, it’s easier than ever before to compile your Christmas card list. For instance, use the contact list from your smartphone or go through your address book to determine to whom you’d like to send holiday wishes. With this strategy, you’ll be ready in no time to write some heartfelt holiday wishes and easily send them out in time for your recipients to receive before Christmas. 

2. Do Not Delay

Experts suggest buying your Christmas cards at least one month before Christmas. But really, the sooner the better when it comes to finding the perfect card design and message you like most. Then, two to three weeks before Christmas Day, write your Christmas cards, address and stamp the envelopes, and put them in the mailbox. By the end of the first full week of December, your Christmas cards should be in transit across the country or around the world. 

3. Send Digital Christmas Cards If Necessary 

If you missed someone on your list or decided to add someone at the last minute, there’s no harm or foul in sending a digital Christmas card featuring all the customary bells and whistles. But while there’s nothing like receiving a red, green or gold envelope in the mail and opening it to find a beautifully-written Christmas wish, a digital card still lets the recipient know you care and are thinking of them during this festive season.

4. Keep Your Christmas Greeting Card Approach Traditional

If you’ve adopted the custom of sending out Christmas cards digitally, you might want to reconsider adding a more personal and warmer touch. Case in point: It’s quite simple to take your season’s greetings to the next level by ordering and sending personalized printed Christmas cards. Whether you include a new family photograph or favorite snap of you and your dog or cat, you can easily let everyone on your list know how you’re doing and give them a peek into the joys in your life.

Keep Christmas Card Etiquette in Style 

Sending out handwritten Christmas cards, including addressing the envelope, helps you carry on timeless traditions that reflect, instill and reinforce family bonds. There are many ways to reach out to loved ones during this special season, but mailing a holiday card is a heartfelt gesture that demonstrates you’ve made the time and effort to show how much you care. Give yourself plenty of time to sit down and write a thoughtful message and INSERT a personal photo or two to connect with your family in a meaningful way.