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The Best Bingo Halls in Las Vegas

The Best Bingo Halls in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas is a city of many types of entertainment, Bingo being just one of them. No matter if you’re looking to play an old-school game with paper and markers or you want to do it online, Bingo is always entertaining, especially when you add the chances of winning prizes or money.

While many people associate this game with grandparents in a retirement home, modern Bingo is a sophisticated and super fun game that keeps players of all ages engaged and hooked. Many Bingo halls today even offer 24/7 games and a bunch of complimentary drinks, so get ready to have some fun. But where in Vegas can you play the best Bingo?

South Point Hotel

The South Point Bingo Room treats its players to eight sessions with 12 Bingo games a day, both using paper and electronic devices. There are various games available (Cashball Jackpot, Double Action, Second Chance, Blue & Red, Green & Tan) and huge bonus coverall. Players can enjoy complimentary drinks and over the holidays, you can even expect additional giveaways. 

Fiesta Henderson

Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino are one of the two old-school paper Bingo rooms in South Nevada. Their Bingo hall was renovated just a few years ago, and it now has a modern design with fancy chairs and tables for 300 people. The games you can play are Grande Progressive, Fiesta Cashballs and Progressive Coverall.

Plaza Las Vegas

This casino has the only Bingo room in downtown Las Vegas so it’s quite popular. Located on the third floor of Plaza Las Vegas, this recently renovated parlor offers various progressive prizes such as $15,000 Plaza Progressive Coverall, $10,000 Progressive Dual Daub, $1,000 Triple Bingo and others. There are six daily sessions available, but if you miss them, you can always try your hand at online Bingo. Satisfy your itch to play by visiting Boomtown Bingo and you can find all sorts of casino reviews and special deals. All you have to do is pick your Bingo website and play whenever you like. 

Sam’s Town Hotel

This location has been the local’s fave for almost 40 years, so it’s truly an institution. Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino has various Bingo sessions suitable both for beginners and regulars. In the morning, you can enjoy complimentary donuts and drinks, but you can also always order a cocktail and have some extra fun. 

Arizona Charlie’s Decatur

This location offers 24-hours Bingo games with sessions starting every odd hour. Prizes are good, just check out this one: Coverall games are featured with up to a $10,000 jackpot using 51 numbers or less. Bingo Bounty is offered on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with prizes including $500 cash or $700 to $1000 if you choose to play free in the casino. 

Red Rock Casino

Red Rock is a well-known casino that often attracts big players, but if you’re a little scared to go big and place brave bets, you can take a break and try Red Rock Casino Bingo games that will definitely relax you. Since they are a world-renowned casino, their Bingo games are equally impressive and they are some of the best in Las Vegas. Visitors also love this location because of its great offer of food, so you can check out their food court in between games and recharge your batteries. 

Bingo is a great way to take your mind off this complicated situation we’re all in, so if you’re planning a trip to Vegas as soon as this is all over, make sure to hit these places. This fun game will help you chase off the stress and maybe even put some cash in your pocket!