The Craziest Stories That Happened In Las Vegas

There is a lot of pomp attached to taking a Vegas trip. That is why it is a prominent feature on so many bucket lists. But if you can bet on anything in Vegas – you can, by the way – it’s that nothing always goes to plan. 

What can start as a normal day can leave you married, injured, or both. In this article, we have assembled a list of the quirkiest stories you will ever hear. But a fair warning for all those who might find themselves in sin city. Be careful what you do or else you might find yourself on this list, which is not a problem if that is your intent.

Superman has landed 

A man was so drunk that he climbed out of his hotel window naked. He walked on to the valet area roof. Unbeknown to anyone, the guy was a police officer with the NYPD. Apparently, on this day mister law and order had received too much to drink and who knows what else. So, when security finally caught wind of what was going on they asked him to come down. That’s when he decided to do a Superman. To cut the long story short, this guy ended up with a cracked skull in a naked heap. He had nothing but the ground to break his fall.

Such is the aura of Las Vegas, it can make you believe that you are Superman. Or maybe it was just the booze. But either way, for all the mere mortals who dream of a gaming experience without limits in Las Vegas’ style, there are casinos not blocked by Gamestop that guarantee the same irrepressible fun.

Wedding Bells

Some people come to Las Vegas for the casinos. There is nowhere else like this on earth. Some, however, come to get married in Las Vegas. There are many options to do this. This brings us to the story of a woman who thought she had found love. After dating for just two months, the two lovebirds came together to Las Vegas. The plan was just to have a good time. While a flutter would have been enough, by the end of the night, they had tied the knot. 

When morning and reality came, the couple decided to give married life a shot. It did not take long for them to realise they had made a poor decision. The crazy thing is that it has been years since the two parted ways. But they are still formally husband and wife.

Targeted by Sex Worker

There are a lot of sex workers in Vegas. This is to be expected where truckloads of money are changing hands. The sheer numbers of alternatives available means that some sex workers end up engaging in other activities. That is what happened on this fateful day. A sex worker singled out a guy in the casino. It turns out this guy was already a guest in the hotel and had just come down to blow off some steam.

The sex worker approached this chump, and they instantly hit it off. Time passes and the two are having a good time. Somehow during all this, the sex worker convinced the guy to back to his room, take a shower and wait for her. While the eager stud was taking a bath, the sex worker entered the hotel room and made off with the poor guy’s wallet. Luckily, he heard her and chased her buck naked in the corridors.

How to Stay Safe in Las Vegas

Let’s face it, Las Vegas is a fun place to be, there is a lot you can do here. Many people have created lasting memories. But it is also true that many have lived to regret the choices they have made on the strip. So how do you come to Las Vegas, have a good time, and stay off the crazy list? 

In our experience, we have found that craziest moments happen when one strays from the pack. If you are alone, there is usually great potential for crazy when you deviate from the plan. We know they say things in Vegas never go according to plan, but you need to make an effort to do so. If you planned on hitting the slots and heading back to your room, then do that. If you decide to ditch that plan and go to the strip club, it is up to you. But chances are, come morning, you will have your debut on the crazy list.