Is a Vegas Wedding Legally Binding?

Is a Vegas Wedding Legally Binding?
Photo by cindy baffour on Unsplash

Las Vegas weddings are frequently outrageous, over the top, comical experiences between two people who have made a spur of the moment decision, often while drunk, to tie the knot. Las Vegas weddings are a stereotype of misadventure. Many people believe Vegas weddings to be fake. This belief is most likely due to the fact that these weddings seem so slapdash and that they take place in Vegas, a city that prides itself on things that are sometimes aren’t what they seem.

However, this belief is 100% incorrect.

Las Vegas weddings are as real as any other wedding in any other part of the country. It may be easy to get married in Vegas, and there may be a lot of ridiculous wedding themes, but that’s what Vegas is all about. The casinos are wild and crazy as well, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t actually lose money there. 

The money with which you gamble in Vegas is not Monopoly money, and your marriage certificate doesn’t come from the game of LIFE. It is important to be aware of the fact that if you get married in Vegas, it doesn’t stay in Vegas. You are married everywhere.

Requirements for Marriage

Getting married in Las Vegas is incredibly easy. All you need is about $80 for a marriage license and a valid ID. You can get the license on the day of the wedding and then head to one of a number of wedding venues with all sorts of different themes available for whatever kind of wedding strikes your fancy. Some of the most popular theme weddings are:

  • Elvis impersonator;
  • James Bond;
  • Disco era;
  • Star Trek;
  • King Arthur’s court;
  • Egyptian;
  • Beach party;
  • Gangster;
  • Pirate;
  • Gladiator;
  • Zombie;
  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

It is quick and easy to find the right theme for you and your (often recently) betrothed to get married in the fashion you desire. While many Las Vegas weddings are spur of the moment, there are plenty of people flocking to the city for the explicit purpose of getting married. 

Many couples are in serious committed relationships and just enjoy the possibility of a quick and cheap wedding, that can also be massively entertaining, due to all of the unusual options available.

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

People often get married in Vegas and come to regret the decision within hours of the ceremony. These are typically the group of Las Vegas partiers who get married while completely wasted and sometimes don’t actually even know the person to whom they have promised themself.

People in this group of newlyweds might be looking for the quickest way out. When the validity of the marriage itself is being questioned, you might want to rather consider an annulment, no divorce. Annulments can get you out of a Las Vegas wedding just as quickly and easily as you got into it. However, there are certain requirements that have to be met in order to qualify for an annulment.

Fortunately, almost everyone who gets an impromptu Vegas wedding meets at least one of those requirements. Some of the main things that can get you out of a marriage are:

  • Being a blood relative of your new spouse;
  • One of you already being married to someone else;
  • Being intoxicated during the wedding process;
  • Not being of sound mind and body when you were married.

As long as you meet one of these requirements and neither you nor your new ball-and-chain contest the annulment, you can easily dissolve the marriage. Then your overall Las Vegas experience will likely be in retrospect very similar to what it would have been if you hadn’t gotten married. You will have gone to Vegas, made stupid decisions, wasted a bunch of money on a gamble that you were almost guaranteed to lose, and gone home. 

Bottom Line

After it is over, it will be like you were never married in the first place. The only thing left to remind you of your terrible decision will be the pictures…and possibly the matching tattoos.