How to Travel to Vegas on a Budget

How to Travel to Vegas on a Budget
Image by Nikolaus Bader from Pixabay

To travel on a budget in the wonderful city of Las Vegas can be quite a task. Las Vegas is a city of money and the perfect holiday destination for the rich and famous. Still, all can visit the city without spending a small fortune to have fun and enjoy a nice vacation. What we want to emphasize is the fact that you need to plan ahead and have a budget ready. Getting stranded in the City of Sin is not the best situation one may find themselves in. So with that, we want to give out some simple tips and some sound advice on how to enjoy the oasis of fun on a smaller budget!

Have the Flight and Accommodation Ready From the Get-Go 

The holiday break can be super expensive for booking a flight or having a place to sleep in Vegas. The Christmas season especially, along with Easter is critical and probably the best time to be in the city. So you want to book your flight and your room early. Maybe consider traveling there in the down-season time. Plan ahead and do your research when you can get the cheapest options.

Figure Out Transportation

Getting around Vegas can be quite a challenge and the best way to do that is in your car. With your vehicle, you can move around freely and explore the city in your own place. Be aware that places will get their prices up during the peak, so this also fares better if you do it off-season. Check out different sites where you can compare prices and cars and see what would be the best option for you. Getting around by busses or Monorails is also cool, but if you plan to go around multiple times, it may come out as a day of renting a vehicle. 

Travel With Your Friends

Your group can make the holiday or your stay in the city. You can split the costs of the room, even the flight as some companies offer discounts on multiple group passengers. So you need to be aware of your friend’s vacation days and figure out how can you go together. Agencies also offer discounts for groups, so think about that before setting up your trip.  


When you get there, food can be a rather expensive task. The Strip can have some great mouthwatering menus in the restaurants, but if you’re on a budget that could be too expensive. Be aware that if you just go a bit off the strip you will find affordable options and menus. Fast Food chains are also all around so use those. There are really some amazing places to eat and you can also plan ahead where you will eat! Casino buffets are also popular where you can get a pass and have access to various food courts of multiple hotels 

Invest in an Attractions Pass

If you want to see all the attractions which can be quite tricky if you are buying individual tickets, you could invest beforehand in a Las Vegas pass that costs a tad bit more than $250 for two days, and that will include over 60 Las Vegas attractions that you can check out and explore. This little pass includes a visit to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and a boat cruise on Lake Mead. A great deal if you.
All of this is just a few things you can be on the look for if you are planning a trip to Vegas. If this all fails, and if you are still itching for some casino games extravaganza, you can check out sites like NetBet for an authentic casino experience and feel the rush and glamour of the City of Sin.