Why the Magic of Las Vegas Will Never Fade

We often question what life will be after Covid-19.  Will we still be wearing masks everywhere?  Will schools close again?  Will we ever make it to Las Vegas for some gambling magic, and if yes, will our gaming experience be the same as it was before? 

The slots machines ring a win at the slot player sitting next to you… or you take a swift peek at the Texas Hold’ em poker hand of the player next to you.  Will Las Vegas, Sin City ever been the same as we left it years ago?

We caught up with the team at best50casino.com and asked them so questions.  What are their views or the new Vegas?  And what will this gambling paradise look like post a world pandemic that has been looming on us for a whole year?  The good news is that some old casinos have taken the time to demolish, rebuild and even offer more rooms, so when the tension of a pandemic fizzles out, we all have something to look forward to, if we are lucky enough to be able to travel to Vegas. With all the new technologies available, a revamp seems like the ideal way to connect back with customers and players alike. 

One of the main elements that casinos would need to focus on is giving back the customer that customer experience that they crave. The casino’s whole experience is all about communicating the magic within the gambling establishment. And magic they need to bring to the table needs to be massive as everyone is weary of travelling, moving from state to state and even using public spaces such as planes. There are other resorts that might suffer for having a 21 and over only policy and also adopting free non smoking areas.  This ideology stems from the need of conducting risk assessments to minimise the risk of spreading the infection. 

The best 50 casino team alo stress that entertainment has always been a part of Las Vegas, and if casinos want to attract customers, entertainment is a need. Some casinos have also started introducing specialised people infused rooms including the Rat Pack era, including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and even the glamorous Marily Monroe. 

If we take a look at the history of how Las Vegas was shaped up to become what it is today, we cannot not tell you about the Sands Casino.  The site was demolished in 1996 to pave the way for bigger establishments and brands of today. What was the Sand before, now we have the Venetian and also the Palazzo casinos who both stand proudly at the east side of the Vegas Strip.  The same spot where notable Rat Pack entertainment members once stood, you will find a plaque that commemorates the event. Many customers come just to take pictures and capture the moment with the plaque that stands in front of the Sand’s ‘A Place in the Sun’ sign. 

Close your eyes, as we want to take you on a ride to Vegas wayback in the 1980s.  Notable books such as the Casino: Love and Honour in Las Vegas have been written in Vegas, at the Sands to be precise.  The book gained so much popularity that it was developed into the Casino movie that was directed by Martin Scorcese in 1995.  Those days, walking through a casino, you would be greeted by the casino employees with a smile, a pat on the back.  Going to Vegas was like seeing a friendly face over and over again. It was an intimate affair, and players and gamblers alike loved that feel and experience. 

If there is one that that we fully agree with the team at best50casino on, it is the magic that Las Vegas brought, brings and will always bring. The slot machine sounds and the wins being landed as you walk through the casino lobby, the colors, the glamour, the care free attitude and the extravagant casinos. This is Vegas dear player, and the magic of it all will never fade.  Vegas will always be the next destination that a gambler craves.