Top Tips to Get Likes on Your Instagram Post

Top Tips to Get Likes on Your Instagram Post
Image by freestocks from Pixabay

We all know you want to increase your Instagram likes for each post. Who wouldn’t? The more likes you receive, the more likely people will follow and engage with your brand. But, how do you get likes on your Instagram post? Don’t worry because we’re giving you 10 tips to get likes on your Instagram post. 

Tip #1: Take High Quality Photos

We can’t stop but emphasize the need for taking high quality photos. Can you imagine liking a pixelated or unorganized photo? Of course not! To truly capture your audience’s attention, you need to take beautiful and high-quality photos. 

Invest in a photographer or photography equipment if you need to. Make sure the lighting is good and everything is in focus. You don’t need to buy a new DSLR camera, but a good iPhone or Android phone is best to use. Take the shots, edit them and post it in your account. The more aesthetically pleasing your photo is, the more likes you’ll receive!

Tip #2: Follow a theme 

Before you start posting your beautiful photos, you need to plan your theme. It’s best to download the app Planoly for you to plan and schedule your Instagram post. You can even rearrange your photos on Planoly for you to create a consistent and beautiful theme. 

For example, you want your Instagram account to be light and airy. So, edit the photos on VSCO or Lightroom then position the photos to create this theme on Planoly. You can even alternate your post as to object, people and quote. It’s all up to you to create a good feed. Be as creative as you can be!

Tip #3: Use the right hashtags

We know we said it a couple of times before because hashtags are truly the key for Instagram posts. By using the right hashtags, it will help you increase your engagement and audience reach. 

You can use Task Ant to help you generate relevant hashtags. It’s super easy to use and it generates trending hashtags. Another way to generate hashtags is to search related hashtags on Instagram. 

Tip #4: Share posts on other platforms 

Link your Instagram to your other social media platforms like Facebook. This helps you gain a wider audience especially if you gain traffic from your other accounts. Once they see your post, they will be curious to check your Instagram account. Another platform you can use is your blog or website. 

Tip #5: Indicate the location in your post

Tagging the location in your post helps people in the area know about you. When you click on the location, it shows you the posts tagged in that location. It will help people in your area know about your brand and they will be happy to check you out. 

You can also tag a general location. This increases your chance of people seeing your post. The more people check your photos, the more likely they’ll like your photos. 

Tip #6: Join an Instagram Engagement Group

Instagram engagement groups are an amazing streategy to increase likes, follows and comments on Instagram! There are tons of engagement groups on Facebook that you can join. But, what is an Instagram engagement group?

An Instagram engagement group is a group of users that work together to like, follow and comment on each others’ posts. There is a moderator who will manage the event. These events are like for like, comment for comment and follow for follow. 

For example, you joined an Instagram engagement group on Facebook. The moderator will post a thread in the group where you share in the comments the link for your post. Everyone will need to like or comment on each post. The moderator will set a deadline and whoever couldn’t finish shall be suspended or banned from the group. 

Using this strategy, you can get from 0-100 likes in a few minutes! You can even gain new followers. Instagram’s algorithm will pick on this post that has a hundred likes and show it to others which increases your visibility. 

Tip #7: Post at the most active hour

One of the factors in increasing Instagram likes is posting at the most active hour. When you post at the time when your followers are active, then it increases your chance of getting spotted. Also, when your post gets engagement quickly, Instagram’s algorithm will know about this and show it in other people’s feed. However, the most active hour is frequently debated by businesses. It’s up to you to know which hour your followers are more active. 

Tip #8: Promote your posts

There’s no harm in taking advantage of Instagram ads. It’s the easiest way for you to gain more likes, a bigger audience, and active followers. Using instagram ads is also easy, especially if you were able to run Facebook ads before. 

To start running your Instagram ads, link your account with a Facebook page. Then fill up the necessary details for your target audience and run your ad. Wait for Instagram to approve your ad, and watch as your likes increase. 

Tip #9: Work with influencers

Working with influencers is a great way to increase visibility and reach a bigger audience. Look for an influencer within your industry. For example, you are selling clothes. It’s best to look for influencers who regularly posts their outfits or travels a lot. 

Once you are able to look for an influencer, get them to take a photo of them with your product. The influencer’s followers will take into account the buying decision of the influencer. This leads to them following and buying from you. 

Tip #10: Host a giveaway or contest

Last tip is to host a giveaway or contest. Under your mechanics, tell them to like, and share your post. Tag 2-3 of their friends in the comments section. This increases your chances of being seen. It will also help you increase followers and likes. 


Marketing on Instagram can be hard and competitive. But if you follow the tips we have given above, it will help you towards success. Just don’t forget to add some creativity in your strategies to attract your audience even more.