New Coffee Shop Debuts in Las Vegas Arts District

In case you missed it, a new, locally-owned specialty coffee shop made its quiet debut in the heart of the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District.

Bungalow Coffee Co. opened its doors early March 15 to offer a community space where people can enjoy premium coffee and feel safe no matter who they are. 

“We want people to come in, and to feel like they are seen, heard, and appreciated.” Co-founder Shannon Matson said during the shop’s opening morning. 

“They can stay awhile, grab a great cup of coffee, and really enjoy lunch, or meet with friends and coworkers, and find a real reprieve in the city where they feel it’s their space as well.” 

Shannon and her “partner in business and life” Ryan Matson, blended their respective backgrounds in marketing and construction management on The Strip to create a coffee shop that serves as a more inclusive extension of her digital business The Social Bungalow, which champions female entrepreneurship.  

“The coffee shop is gender-neutral,” Shannon says. “It carries that same principle of operating from radical care and being a safe haven for people.”

Bungalow Coffee’s slick aesthetic is “up-level boho” meets tropical getaway, complete with lively tropical plants, plush furniture, and locally curated murals including a jungle-themed piece created by Las Vegas pop artists SNIPT and ToneCastle.

Its spacious 2,500 ft. location—complete with Wifi and power outlets—-is an ideal spot to either catch up on personal work, study, or host a business or social get-together. It is within walking distance to many Arts District businesses and art galleries, including The Arts Factory .

Bungalow Coffee also offers plenty of Instagram and TikTok-worthy opportunities for influencers with its picturesque coffee and food and scenic views of Downtown Vegas.

The shop is a self-described “third wave” coffee shop that places its emphasis on quality versus its artisanal menu over speed.

“It is really rooted in the roast versus somewhere that is a little more fast,” Shannon says.

The menu offers high-end versions of classic coffee shop drinks including pour-over, drip, cold brew, lattes, as well as several specialty drinks including rosemary and golden milk lattes. 

Bungalow Coffee also features several kinds of premium teas and a diverse sweet and savory food menu including breakfast sandwiches, toasts, pastries, paninis, salads, and charcuterie boards. Vegan options are also available for food and drinks. 

Bungalow Coffee notably features a roasting program that showcases different roasters from across the United States. The shop currently features Arkansas-based Onyx Coffee Lab and aims to showcase at least three roasters at their pour-over bar each month.

“We believe there are thousands of really good roasters out there, and we really want to give everyone an opportunity to feature their coffee,” Ryan says.

Bungalow Coffee is located on 201 E. Charleston Blvd, Suite 180, and is open daily from 7 am – 5 pm.
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