A Look at Las Vegas Culture From the Outside

Las Vegas Sign

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Are you aware that when it comes to cities in Nevada, Las Vegas happens to be one of the oldest? That city that we know and love was incorporated in 1905 and has a rich past that makes it a strong and unique culture now.

Las Vegas is a great place to live and if you’re thinking about moving here, keep in mind that these days, it’s even harder to meet new people due to Covid. However, with social media sites, you’ll be able to meet new people in the area, and with Nextdoor’s racial profiling prevention strategies, you’ll be able to safely and comfortably accomplish your goals when it comes to meeting new people in the area. Just think how much easier it will be meeting new people in an environment that’s digital.

When talking about Las Vegas and inclusion, we can’t neglect to talk about the LGBTQ community too. Being culturally diverse of course means having a strong LGBTQ community, and Vegas is known for theirs. Just think of all of the shows, dealers, hosts, and hostesses that would be missing without this community!

Culture has to do with more than groups of people though. Las Vegas also has a rich culture when it comes to sports. In fact, the past decade or so has seen even more sports come to the area. That isn’t truly a surprise either because of the growing economy and the climate. From rodeos to hockey games, let’s take a look at a couple of the sporting events you can see (and bet on) in the city.

Wherever we may come from tends to shape the people we are now, and Las Vegas isn’t any sort of exception. It’s a city that’s quite inclusive and welcomes folks of all races with open arms. However, that also makes for a rich cultural history of a different type. It’s a sort of springboard for numerous sports, businesses, entertainment opportunities, cultural endeavors, and arts. 

National Finals Rodeo. Credit: Shutterstock

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

The rodeo happens to be one of the longest-lived sports in the city! Currently, they’re gearing up for a new season and coming back to Vegas for the big event – as they’ve been doing since the mid-1980s. Although COVID-19 might dampen the numbers this year, the event is generally attended by about 170,000 people.

Players for the Vegas Golden Knight. Credit: Facebook


Now, who would think there’d be a big call for ice hockey in the middle of the desert? The Las Vegas Golden Knights have been making heads turn because of their having quite an impressive roster and a track record that’s even more impressive. Welcomed to the city in 2016 with open arms, they play at the T-Mobile Arena where their lucky fans can get tickets for their home games.

First Friday Las Vegas. Credit: Facebook

Culture and Arts

Did you know how much more to Vegas there is than just those mega-shows you can find up and down The Strip? It doesn’t matter if you want to honor Native American roots and history, visit a museum, or catch the latest art exhibit, there’s something in Las Vegas for you. You might try First Friday, an art festival held on the first Friday of each month where you can catch food trucks, performances, art, and more. On the other hand, you may want to check out the Las Vegas Philharmonic when you’re in a more classical frame of mind. There’s so much more than this for you to see and experience in the area that it’s mind-boggling.

As you may have noticed, there’s a vibrant and rich culture attached to the city, and celebrating its history is just as crucial as preparing for the future there. Vegas is a city that’s amazing. It’s a city of both cultural and economic opportunities and one of growth.  

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