5 Factors Jockeys Consider When Choosing Their Horse

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

[Guest Post]

Have you heard that saying, ‘A workman is only as good as their tools’? Well, it fits the bill perfectly when it comes to Jockeys and how they pick the horses. Needless to say, picking a racehorse is not a spur-of-the-moment decision for jockeys. 

There are certain factors that come into play as far as the horses they pick are concerned. In case you were wondering about how it all goes down, here is a concise but informative lowdown containing 5 factors jockeys consider when choosing their horse. 

  1. Agents Play a Huge Role

At the forefront, their agents play a huge role when it comes to the horses picked. Think of agents as a link between the jockeys and the horse trainers as well as their owners. At the end of the day, all parties are looking for avenues to ensure the Jockey wins as many races as possible. 

So, best believe that the agent will be knowledgeable on what their client needs in a horse. So, at the end of the day, agents are the gateway. After all, it is their job to book the jockey on horses that give them the best chance of winning. 

  1. Owners May Reach Out

There are more than a few players in the ring when it comes to horse racing, but it all starts with the owner. Oftentimes, horse owners approach jockeys they want to ride their horses. Of course, the final decision is not in their hands but they play a major role. 

  1. The Jockeys Riding Style

Every jockey has certain riding styles and techniques they favor. They obviously can’t all ride the same way, the sport would be boring and even fun aspects of the game, like free bets would become tedious. 

So, before a jockey is finally paired with a horse, certain things have to line up. This is mostly in a horse trainer’s wheelhouse as they are familiar with most jockey’s tendencies, such as their riding style and the distances that they favor. 

  1. The Race Horse’s Strengths

The jockey is not the only important player here, the horse also has something they bring to the table. The trainer and agent have to liaise on this one to ensure that the horse’s strengths complement the jockey’s strengths. 

Or, at the very least, they have to ensure that the jockey is skilled enough to play to the horse’s strengths and think fast in terms of any surprises they may encounter. At the end of the day, it all points back to the jockey’s strengths and skill levels. 

This is because no matter how great the horse’s strengths are, it takes a great jockey to be able to play to those strengths and navigate away from the weaknesses. Nevertheless, what they do takes a lot of training and exertion, so having the right horse helps. 

  1. A Horse’s Past Performances

Jockeys are not one horse wonders, in fact the more horses they ride in a day, the more money they make. Nevertheless, the end game is to win, so they do not simply choose a horse on a whim. 

Studying past performances of their horses goes a long way to ensure that they end up with a good fit. As much as they want a fast horse, they also need one that plays to their strengths. One of the ways to narrow down on this is to watch old races to really get a feel of the horse.