How To Roll A Perfect Blunt: A Step-By-Step Guide

A cannabis blunt.
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Having just twisted a nice blunt of delta-8 flower, the folks at Mr. Hemp Flower have decided to share our incomparable blunt-rolling skills with you. When you roll them every day, you cannot help but develop a little bit of skill. Rolling a blunt is a skill that is easy to learn, but very few will ever become a true blunt master. And so, as we light a big fat one for the world, let’s talk about how you can roll the perfect blunt.

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Step One: Select Your Wrap

Blunts come in a variety of flavors and styles, so you will have some options here. Sure, you could just go with a standard gas-station cigar, but random actions tend to produce random results. We don’t want random results, so that will not do. It is important to choose a flavor that you like, and that can take some experimentation. 

You basically have two choices: Pre-rolled cigars (i.e., those that contain tobacco) or ready-made blunt wraps. Both of these are widely available, being found at most convenience stores and anywhere else that tobacco is sold. For the beginner, a wrap is probably the better choice. However, once you have graduated past the “training wheel” stage, you should try a Swisher or a White Owl next. Many people find that the wraps will have a funny taste, while cigar paper tastes more like what most people would expect. 

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Step Two: Prepare That Paper

If you have chosen to use a blunt wrap, this step will be very easy for you. Simply remove the wrap from its packaging, throw away the tube, and trim the paper to the desired length. If using an actual cigar, you will want to do things more carefully.

Hold it up to the light and find the seam. This will be a faint line running down the entire length of the cigar. Once that has been located, you will need to wet the blunt slightly. Some people use spit while others use a little bit of water from the sink, but both methods are correct. The main thing here is to avoid over-wetting. If a blunt is too wet or too dry, it will have a tendency to fall apart in your hands. 

Slit the cigar along that line. You can use your fingernail if you want, but most people get better results with a good sharp knife. Then, you will need to pick out any stray bits of tobacco that may still be stuck to the paper. When you open the paper, you will see why we told you to slit along the seam. The paper is slightly thicker at that point (because it overlaps). Thus, it is easier to have that thicker portion at the top or bottom (as opposed to being in the middle).

Preparing cannabis flower for smoking.
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Step Three: Prepare The Flower

Now that your paper is ready, you need to prepare the hemp itself. This is a simple matter of breaking up the “buds” with your hands, some scissors, or a grinder of some kind. If you have reasonably large fingernails, using your hands will be somewhat easier for you, but a grinder is definitely the quickest route. The most important thing here is to create a uniform consistency while removing any seeds that might be present.

High-grade hemp flower should not contain large amounts of seed. If it does, you probably got taken. Also, the dryness of your flower will affect the rolling process. Dry buds are easier to break apart with your hands and produce a finer, more powdery substance. Stickier buds, on the other hand, will probably require some kind of tool. To test which kind of cannabis you have, try to stick a small piece to the wall with thumb pressure alone. If it stays for more than a second, you should probably break out the grinder.

Rolling a cannbis blunt
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Step Four: Put it All Together

You should now have a properly prepared piece of paper and a small pile of ground-up flower. Now it’s time to combine these things, and that is where many people have trouble. Start by folding your paper, but don’t fold it in half. Fold it so that the bottom part is about as wide as your desired blunt. This fold will create a convenient “pocket,” and the flower is placed there. 

Take the bottom end and “roll” it between your fingers so that it covers the exposed flower and keeps going. Your thumbs and forefingers will be doing most of the work, while your middle fingers will act as support. Just before you reach the top, lick the exposed edge of the paper longwise. This will ensure that the papers stick together properly. Blunt papers don’t stick as easily as papers (no glue), but they will still stick together when wet, just like any other kind of paper. 

As a final step, take your lighter and use it to dry the blunt. Light the fire and hold the blunt a couple of inches over that flame. Pass it up and down so that a single spot does not overheat and catch fire. The idea here is to drive out any water or saliva that is still present. We shouldn’t have to tell you that wet things don’t burn very well. 

Person lighting a cannabis blunt


Armed with this knowledge, you should now be able to improve your blunt-rolling technique considerably. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but practice makes perfect. When all your friends start asking you to roll blunts for them, you will know that your training is complete.

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