Visiting Las Vegas on a Budget

Las Vegas Sign
Las Vegas Strip. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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Ever been to Las Vegas before? If the answer is no, then you are missing something that cannot be even described with words. Vegas is magic, Vegas is calling, and you must go!

The first problem you may encounter as you are plan for your trip is money. Vegas can be extremely costly. However, we have plenty of tips for you to ensure that you are getting the lowest prices out of everything, starting from flights, ending up with transportation there.

Like any other traveler, it’s recommended that you pre-plan your trip, and that is something that could be expanded if you manage to find ways to save money

How long are you planning to stay there? If you plan to stay for at least three to four days, then you should book a 4-5-star hotel. These hotels in Vegas tend to offer high-quality services to their customers.

Before you book your flight or hotel room, try to avoid the weekends and holidays at any cost. Because the prices will go insanely high during these periods and also everywhere will be crowded.

Note: COVID-19 cases have been drastically going down there, but this should not deceive you to let your guard down. Wear your mask and use alcohol to sanitize your hands and items.

Never Leave Las Vegas Before You Do These Things!

Without further ado here are some tips for visiting Las Vegas this year.

·         Do not use the taxis. Everybody talks about long hauling, and how to tell your driver to go this way and that way, but trust me it will never go alright for a beginner and could get very confusing.

Skip that all and head directly to Uber pickup and you can get an Uber to your destination easier and faster. However, if you want to do Vegas in style, then you should go ahead and just book yourself a limo service from the money you saved by booking cheap flights to Vegas.

Booking yourself a limo may not be as expensive as you’d think, especially if you are splitting it among a group of friends.

·         Another tip for you today is to always stay on the strip! By staying on the Strip we mean getting yourself a room in those hotels on the Strip. However, if you avoid hotels on the Strip and try to book yourself a room far away, then the money that you would be saving will be spent on Ubers and taxis to move around.

You will also have all the entertainment, food, and gambling right in your hotel and have a much better experience.

·         Remember to stay on the Strip and do not be afraid to take your Vegas experience to the next level, this is something that you will remember for a lifetime.

Watch out For Timeshare Traps (Cheap Flights to Las Vegas Offers are excluded)

This might sound familiar to you if you travel a lot, and for those of you, you are going to be surprised. You will be gambling or walking the Strip and someone is going to come up to you and say: “Hi I would like to talk to you about getting free show tickets.”

Avoid stupid deals and extremely low-priced ones, as there is no way you would get such offers from people walking randomly on the streets. However, cheap flight deals on the internet are a whole different story, so do not confuse these offers with those scammers.

Here is a quick list of what not to do in Vegas:

· Stay closer to the West end of the Strip, as there aren’t as many tourist attractions the more East you go. There is no need to walk east of the strip, there is no valid reason for you to go there as a tourist.

· The Strip and Downtown are heavily guarded by the police, so don’t do anything that could end up with you going to jail.

· While the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas are lax about public drinking, it’s not always allowed everywhere in Las Vegas.

· Room safe is not that safe, so if you have something valuable it’s best to take it to the bell desk if it needs to be locked up.

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