5 Unique Alien-Themed Attractions Near Las Vegas

Most people visit Las Vegas because of its reputation as a gambling paradise, but there’s another unique allure to our city that’s out-of-this-world: UFOs.

Nevada is home to the highly classified Area 51 Air Force Base— about 80 miles Northwest of Las Vegas — and has captured the imagination of enthusiasts across the world ever since.

While Nevada has always been on the radar for UFO enthusiasts, the past several years have seen an increase in extraterrestrial interest, including an impromptu 2019 “Storm Area 51” Facebook event that spurred two separate music festivals near Area 51, as well as a party outside the base’s back gate. The Pentagon also released a declassified report pertaining to recent sightings”Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” this year, further fueling the curiosity of the general public about aliens.

While there’s no way to enter or view Area 51, there are plenty of attractions in Las Vegas and the surrounding area

Sign for the Extraterrestrial Highway Route 375. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Extraterrestrial Highway

We cannot confirm nor deny the existence of UFOs, but the Extraterrestrial Highway (Route 375) is a great place to start.

The 98-mile highway stretches from Crystal Springs to Tonopah across some of the most remote parts of Nevada, including past AREA 51. The Extraterrestrial Highway is notorious for UFO sightings, as well as other alleged alien activity. You might not see aliens here at night, but the surrounding area makes for great stargazing.

The highway is over a two drive from Las Vegas.

Alien Research Facility
Alien Research Facility pictured in 2019. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Alien Research Facility

Contrary to its name, you’re not going to find any real-life aliens here. This research facility is actually an alien-themed gift shop located over 120 miles outside of Las Vegas and 20 miles outside Area 51.

Visitors can pose with a towering alien sculpture, as well as browse through extraterrestrial souvenirs, including alien t-shirts, bumper stickers, and artwork.

The remote surrounding area also makes for a great spot for stargazing — or UFO hunting.


Area 15 is an immersive, sci-fi-themed entertainment complex located near the Las Vegas Strip. A vast majority of AREA 15 features space-themed and psychedelic displays and exhibits, including Omega Mart — an interactive, story-driven convenience story experience in which guests can travel through portals into surreal worlds. AREA 15 also offers a variety of other fun art exhibits and attractions, including ax-throwing, virtual reality experiences, and dining.

Little A’Le’Inn located in Rachel, NV.

Little A’Le’Inn

Rachel, Nevada is home to about 50 people, but its Little A’Le’Inn alien-themed hotel attracts exterritorial enthusiasts from all over the world. The Little A’Le’Inn sells a variety of alien t-shirts, keychains, and other paraphernalia, and also has a restaurant that serves a special “Alien Burger.” Rachel is located about 100 miles north of Las Vegas and located near the boundary lines of Area 51.

Area 51

Area 51 is arguably one of the most secretive and isolated and rumored to have conducted numerous covert military and research on alien life. For decades, the United States government had denied the existence of the mysterious military base until several years ago and is still a highly classified area till this day.

While you can check out some of its perimeter fencing and gates via several dirt roads off the Extraterrestrial Highway, it is extremely illegal to cross into the base.

If the numerous warning signs ⁠planted around the base aren’t enough to deter you from storming Area 51, numerous security cameras and motion sensors, as well as armed guards will surely stop you. Photography is technically illegal inside the base, but not outside since its perimeter can be seen from public land. Visitors should be careful though not to photograph any vehicles or guards on the other side. 

While you can visit the outside of the base usually without any trouble, there’s not much to see or do other than get lost in your imagination about what’s on the other side.

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