How to Find Your Perfect Blend of THC and CBD

Photo Credit: Teanna Morgan/Unsplash

[Guest Post]

As the old saying goes, the cure is in the dose. As is the case with any substance, there is a line where you want to be if you want to solve a problem and another one where you are aiming for in your plan to cause some problems. The same is with blending pot, as your perfect blend of THC and CBD will depend greatly on where you want to be in the next few hours.

Before you start, you will need to consider five things:

  • Type of ingestion
  • The concentration of active substances
  • Your metabolism
  • Your active body size
  • External factors

These will change how you will aim towards your goal. While you can’t actually overdose from CBD, you might bring yourself to a mellow that will last for hours and might even cause headaches and vomiting. 

Finally, it will come to your personal taste. Some people prefer the buzz from the additional THC while for others it would create trips. Regretfully, modern science has much less insight into the human mind than we would like to, so this will always be a process of finding what your internal chemistry likes the most.

What Is the Difference Between THC and CBD?

In layman’s terms, THC brings you the buzz and CBD brings you the mellow. But, one doesn’t necessarily cancel the other, so you should be vigilant with dosing.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is not psychoactive and apparently works to regulate the neurons passing through the stem of the brain. Research has proven that this reduces anxiety and helps those that suffer from sensory and auto-sensory overload, including problems like epilepsy.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the opposite. It is a psychoactive substance that stimulates different parts of the brain to create experiences such as euphoria. And, depending on the brain chemistry this can range from overactive imagination to phobic attacks.

As is the case with basically any substance there will be a range where either of these compounds would be beneficial to the user, and once that line has been passed the side effects will outweigh those benefits.

Ideally, you will want to know the concentration within everything you are consuming. This will be easier with oils and edibles as those who made them will have better insight into the chemistry of the product.

But, if you are inhaling or smoking the product, then knowing the exact quantity of each will be more like an educated guess. Thankfully, many growers now follow best practices when it comes to different strains and growing techniques of cannabis, thus making similar results every time.

Follow Your Gut

Aside from deciding on the type of pizza you want once the CBD mellows you out and induces hunger, you should also go with your gut when mixing CBD and THC strains that you might like.

High THC strains like Mimosa Evo or Chemdog will have a sour-ish buzz directly on the tongue and will hit your nose much sooner than it hits the brain. If you find this smell appealing, and you know you want to find yourself somewhere in the stratosphere, this is your go-to.

On the other side, strains heavy with CBD like Bubba Kush will resemble chocolate or coffee and have those woody tones. 

Finally, since you are not a fanatic but an enjoyer, don’t be afraid either to mix strains or to use a non-cannabis base to reduce the overall amount you are taking. The most common option is tobacco, but you will need to be sure that you are using a natural blend and not something with more chemicals than plants.

Here you will also have matching options. Kentucky tobacco will favor CBD strains more, where Virginia will taste better with THC. While not ideal for your health, this is the best way to find your ideal dose.

And, for those who like edibles, there are even more options. Using CBD oils in some good chocolate pudding or hot cocoa will allow you to take only a few drops and enjoy exactly the amount you want.

Get to The Ground Floor – then Fly to the Top

Word of caution for any future cannabis enjoyers: fly from the ground up. When Superman started to learn how to fly he was jumping from the fields in Kansas, not from the sky rising in Metropolis.

Start small and see how you feel. Test the waters. Share with others and take half of what they are taking. Then, if you are comfortable, you can go up.

The goal of consumption is to feel better, reduce anxiety, and improve cognitive ability. You don’t want to get a bad trip on your first go.

Everything in Moderation

It is true that if you wanted to overdose on smoking marihuana you would die from the smoke much sooner than you would from any active substance in the plant. But, that doesn’t mean that you should smoke or consume as much as you want.

As is the case with alcohol, food, or even water for that matter, there is a thing such as too much.

The goal is to reduce anxiety, not to remove it. You still need to be aware of your surroundings and make sure that you are only using psychoactive substances to make the good times better, not to end the bad times. That is done with communication and hard work and is way above the paygrade of any article you might find online.