Cannabis and Gaming Pairings for 2021

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

[Guest Post]

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that most people like playing video games. Whether you are a child or an adult, there’s something undeniably amusing about playing video games. However, it seems like the hardcore gamers really love their weed, understandably so. Weed and video games are a great combo of entertainment and euphoria, and any marijuana lover would attest to this.

Generally, when you’re stoned, every video game becomes incredibly fun, but some games tend to pair better with cannabis than others. However, no matter if you like solving puzzles, fighting, or racing, there’s a game out there just for you. 

While some people think that marijuana has no health benefits for humans, others believe it does. So what’s the truth? The debate over whether marijuana is good or bad for us has been going on for years, and it seems like it won’t be over anytime soon.

Some studies have found that cannabis can enhance performance in sports. Some of the main benefits of cannabis include:

  1. Improved vision
  2. Relaxed muscles
  3. Reduced anxiety

One thing that all of the above-mentioned things have in common is that they are highly important when it comes to playing video games, hence why so many gamers say that weed and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly, and maybe even better. 

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Size Matters

For all marijuana lovers that love a good puzzle game, Size Matters is by far one of the best games you can play while stoned. This game is about an experimental scientist (you) who accidentally ingests himself with chemicals that made him start shrinking. 

Now that the game has put you in the shrinking shoes, it’s up to you to find the antidote before the times run out. The goal is to create the antidote using the provided information. However, once you think you’re getting somewhere, the game starts complicating things. 

In this game, it’s extremely easy to mess things up, especially if you’re under the influence. With that said, may the force be with you. 

Mario Kart 

There’s really never a bad time for Mario Kart. Although being stoned behind the wheel of a vehicle is a horrible idea, being stoned and driving a high-speed go-kart on Mario Kart is an incredible idea that will bring you so much fun and joy. 

Unlike most other games, Mario Kart is not one to be taken seriously. This game is all about chaos, fun, and surprises, and it’s much more entertaining if you play it with your friends. 

In all honesty, anything can happen during one of Nintendo’s finest games, and an energetic soundtrack and the colorful game will guarantee you and your loved ones tons of laughs. 


Since its release back in 2009, Minecraft has earned the title of “the greatest game ever made”. Imagine if you could build your own version of the word. Now, imagine if you could build your version of the world while being high, sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Well, why not do it?

Using your trusty pick-ax and building skills to craft your world, this game has you climb up mountains, dodge lava, dig deep in the earth, and do much more crazy things, so it would be just wrong not to put it on the list of games that go hand in hand with cannabis. With that said, pick up your ax and unleash your inner-stoned artist.