How LegalZoom Aids In Business Formation

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Limited liability company (LLC) formation services aim to provide business owners possible assistance in filing the correct legal documentation in order for business owners to potentially protect their personal assets, have possible tax advantages while growing their business legally, and gain credibility in the market. LegalZoom may be assumed to be one of the oldest and well-known LLC formation services. Since 1999 LegalZoom has established itself as a professional LLC service provider that aims to assist startup companies in becoming a formal legal entity. Business owners who are seeking further information should consider reading this page to gain a better understanding of what LegalZoom may potentially offer for their business.

Advantages of LegalZoom

LegalZoom appears to come with many advantages when it comes to business formation, experience, and expertise. It may be assumed that this company is a good candidate for business formation services in this industry since they have been well established for years. Unlike any other formation service provider, they also claim to provide a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for their customers to utilize within 60 days of their purchase of any possible business formation pack. 

With services like an annual report filing service and business name availability search, LegalZoom also appears to have additional services that go beyond regular LLC formation. According to research, it may be assumed that this company extends their customer service hours to around 10 pm ET on weekdays and 7 pm ET on weekends, allowing their customer base to reach them by being available for hours beyond a regular workday.

LegalZoom LLC Formation Services

LLC formation packages usually seem to come with unnecessary features and additional add-ons that are sometimes useless for specific types of business. With LegalZoom, business owners have a variety of choices, from their carefully curated LLC formation packages that appear to have limited features so that entrepreneurs get what they require and are not paying additional fees for features they would probably not use. 

LegalZoom Economy Package

The LegalZoom “Economy” package comes with what seems to be beneficial services for businesses that require basic features of LLC formation services. For $79, along with the respective state fee, this package may be a valuable resource for startup companies or entrepreneurs looking to start a new business venture. Along with a business name availability checking service, this package has features that include the service of preparation and filing for business Articles of Organization. Most states require the Articles of Organization documentation in order to create a formal LLC business. More often than not, new entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by the documentation, which is why LegalZoom has the service of drafting your articles of organization and filing them within the state of formation. LegalZoom has the ability to aid the business formation service with features such as banking resolution and lifetime customer support, which seems to be available seven days a week with extended support hours.

LegalZoom Standard Package

The “Standard” package that LegalZoom has to offer includes all the features from the “Economy” package as well as a Deluxe Organizer box that is embossed with any specific company name. This package is priced at $329 plus the respective state fee and includes a membership certificate and seal along with 20 personalized membership certificates for LLC owners as well as a decorative seal. With VIP processing LegalZoom prioritizes this package above customers from the “Economy” package. 

LegalZoom Express Gold

The “Express Gold” LLC formation package is priced at $349, including a state fee; this package would be an ideal fit for businesses that are already somewhat established since it includes all features as the “Economy” and “Standard” package. This package seems to be a more exclusive offer in comparison to the other two since it is inclusive of an  Expedited Processing With Secretary of State, allowing business owners to complete their business formation process in possibly half the time. This package may seem the most suitable for entrepreneurs who are in a rush to begin establishing their formal business. 

LegalZoom Features and Benefits

LegalZoom offers many useful digital channels for business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a business formation service that potentially goes above and beyond, with additional business services such as annual report formation, registered agent services, and other alternative tools like the business license research package. Aside from additional services that this company provides to entrepreneurs for business maintenance and growth, LegalZoom appears to have relevant benefits for business owners and companies who potentially require valuable online legal services.