How To Stay Cool Overnight When It’s Hot Outside

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It can be challenging to stay cool during the summer months, especially in dry, humid climates. Often, this intense heat causes people to struggle with their sleeping patterns. 

In this article, we will discuss some tips for staying cool overnight during the hot Vegas summers, helping you to sleep comfortably. 

How does heat affect our ability to sleep?

Your body temperature will start to decrease during the first two sleep stages, which is a natural process. However, by the time you reach the third stage of sleep, your body will be at its coolest point. 

Generally, a person’s body temperature will decrease by around 2 degrees and then stay at that temperature for the remainder of the night into the fourth and final stage. This cooling is essential for a restful sleep. 

If your body temperature is affected by external factors, such as a hot room, your chances of waking up during the first two stages are increased. This will also impact your ability to reach the deepest stages of sleep – the third and the fourth. This gives your body less time to recover during the night, leaving you tired and restless. 

How to stay cool overnight when it’s hot outside

Keep your curtains closed

Keeping the sunlight out of your room during the day will prevent the outside heat from getting in, even during the hottest peak hours. 

Naturally, houses will be hotter during the summer months than they will be in winter. This is because heat will conduct through walls, roofs, and windows – this is called solar gain. However, limiting the amount of rays that come through the windows will reduce the temperature of the walls inside of your home. 

Have a bedside fan

Trying to self-fan yourself will only increase your body temperature more, given the energy put into it. Nonetheless, using an electric fan is a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature. The fan will circulate the air through your room and help you stay cool.

Invest in the correct mattress

Mattresses are constructed from many different materials, and some are made to be breathable and cooling, whereas others can trap heat. Therefore, when choosing the correct mattress, it is helpful to know which materials to look for.

If your body runs hot or you experience hot summers, buying a cooling mattress is a good option. Some manufacturers will use materials such as gel-infused foam, which promotes cooling, or advanced polyfoam, which has improved breathability. 

Use natural bedding

Buying sheets and duvets made from natural materials such as cotton or linen are more breathable than synthetic alternatives such as polyester and nylon. This will help to equalize the heat inside and outside of the bedding and balance the temperature. 

Many plant-based fabrics are also famous for their moisture-wicking, heat-responsiveness, and breathable tendencies. 

Take a hot shower before bed

 A hot shower or bath may sound like the last thing you want to do when you’re already feeling the heat. However, it has its cooling benefits.

Showering at a hotter temperature than the room will temporarily make your body heat up. Still, when you get out your body will work to get itself back to the same temperature as the room you’re in, working as a natural coolant. Plus, the heat from the shower will promote feelings of relaxation, which can help you drift off faster. 


The heat directly impacts how well we sleep, and our deepest sleep happens when our bodies are at their coolest point. Therefore it is essential to keep your room at a comfortable temperature overnight. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as electric fans and cooling mattresses. Options for cooling mattresses can be found at – who is offering a free contact less delivery via FedEx.