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Rick’s Cabaret Girls Appear In New Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler Movie “The Bounty Hunter”

Rick's Cabaret dancers
Several exotic dancers who work at Rick’s Cabaret Las Vegas and Rick’s Cabaret New York appear in the new movie The Bounty Hunter, starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, which opened this weekend across the country. 

The Rick’s Cabaret Girls filmed a scene with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler (back in August) and enjoyed working on the film. The Rick’s Girls did what they do best–they play exotic dancers in a strip club scene.

Rick's Cabaret exotic dancers
Rick's Cabaret exotic dancers

“Jennifer Aniston was so nice to us,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Madison, “she was a doll. Gerard Butler is such a great actor you would think that he might have an ego problem, but he didn’t.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Erica revealed that Gerard Butler flirted with all four of the girls. “He knows how sexy he is, and he really turned on the charm.”

“It was a great experience. Jennifer and Gerard are big stars but they treated everyone on the cast and crew like friends. They are great people,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Chelsea.

“Gerard promised us that he would come to the club and visit us. We are used to dancing for celebrities, but he is one star that I can’t wait to take off my clothes for,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Giselle.

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