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Paris Hilton, Reggie Bush at WET REPUBLIC in Vegas

This afternoon (Saturday), Paris Hilton and Reggie Bush descended on MGM Grand’s WET REPUBLIC in Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday bash. They didn’t come together, and although they partied in the same bungalow overlooking the poolside club scene, the duo intentionally kept their distance from one another.

Paris was wearing a sizzling chocolate-and-gold dress with a coordinating bikini underneath. She enjoyed the attention of the crowd, waving to fans and dancing to the electric sounds of DJs Ikon and Hollywood as her friends engaged in a competitive game of Cristal Pong. The party princess wasn’t in the mood for champagne and instead sipped Patron throughout the day at Vegas’ hottest ultra pool.

Reggie showed off his chiseled physique but stayed out of the water, unlike his last visit to WET REPUBLIC when Khloe Kardashian pulled off the ultimate prank and pushed him into the pool. The New Orleans’ Saints’ running back refused cocktails and only sipped water.

The former Mr. Kim Kardashian probably won’t be invited when his ex and her sisters head to WET REPUBLIC April 24 to celebrate Kourtney’s 31st birthday with a scorching soiree hosted by Bombay Sapphire.