The M Resort Casino to use ‘Flying Electronic Lightship’

M Resort, Spa and Casino, an all-new $1 billion resort to be completed in March of 2009 on South Las Vegas Boulevard, has signed an exclusive agreement with The Lightship Group, the world’s largest airship operator, to bring a new era in outdoor advertising and entertainment — a flying electronic lightship, which is one of only three in the world — to the Las Vegas sky beginning in September.

On the forefront of outdoor advertising and the use of visual stimulation to drive sales, M Resort will be home to the twin-engine A-170LS video lightship, which is essentially an electronic lightsign on a blimp. Utilizing an array of LEDs (light emitting diodes) the lightship features the world’s largest 70′ x 30′ aerial television screen. It is able to broadcast a multitude of media from live television and streaming video, to web sites and static images and offers vibrant full-color clarity.

Flying above the Las Vegas valley, The M Lightship and its 2,100 square foot advertising screen will be visible to thousands of residents and many of the nearly 40 million visitors coming to the city each year.

“The Lightship is an incredibly versatile method of getting advertising messages to the public,” said M Resort Chairman and CEO Anthony A. Marnell, III. “The M Resort is about innovation — innovation in the experience we provide our guests, innovation in the amenities we offer and innovation in the way we market ourselves.”

The M Lightship is expected to become a part of the Las Vegas skyline and will provide a new and entertaining vehicle to market the resort. The M Lightship’s interactive qualities will make it a fun experience as it is viewed throughout the city. “It is exciting to bring an entertaining new product to the local community,” said Marnell. “The ever-changing content creates an on-going attraction and a welcomed new addition to Las Vegas.”