Comedy-Magician Mac King Makes Campfire Magic Come Alive with New iPhone/iPad App

Comedy-magician Mac King is excited to announce the release of the “Campfire Magic” app for the iPhone and iPad. The app is a great supplement to the recently launched book “Mac King’s Campfire Magic,” and allows budding magicians and fans to practice at home or on the go with easy-to-learn instructional videos at their fingertips.

“I am excited to take Campfire Magic to the next level,” said King. “The app makes it even more convenient for aspiring magicians to learn and share tricks and impress their friends around the campfire or in their own back yard.”

Developed by Concentric Sky (, the “Campfire Magic” app features a full version for $4.99 and is available on the iTunes App Store. The app makes magic come alive with how-to instructional videos on 11 new magic tricks and tips not included in the book. The Lite version can be downloaded for free and features instructional videos for two magic tricks “Arm Possible” and “Crack Cup.”

Keeping an eye on the future, King will expand the full version of the app with the release of barcodes that will unlock bonus tricks down the road. The full version of the app contains “Mac’s Magic Code Scanner” which allows users to scan the barcode with their iPhone or enter the digits on the code manually to unlock new bonus tricks.

Try it Now: First official bonus trick Mac King’s “Shoe of the Future”

Mac King's Shoe of the Future

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