Insurgo Theater Announces Open Call Audition for Insurgo Ensemble

Insurgo Theater announces an open call audition for 12 positions in the Insurgo Ensemble for the 2010/2011 season.

Insurgo Ensemble members receive free weekly training from specialists culminating in three dedicated performances at Insurgo, the last of which is entirely created by the ensemble. Auditioners must be free four hours per week for training (almost always Sundays) and two additional hours for assorted theatre duties. There is no pay for ensemble members per se, though most Insurgo shows offer a stipend. We require no dues.

We are looking for warriors, fiends, goddesses, malcontents, bohemian anarchists, elegant adventuresses, or what you decide we need to see.

Please bring: A classic monologue that shows your strengths. Be daring. Prepare a portion of a song, you do not need to be a singer. Be prepared to move. We will be doing scenework with neutral dialogue.

IMPORTANT: AUDITIONS are Saturday the Tenth of July, at 12 noon at Insurgo. CALLBACKS are mandatory if invited, for the next day, Sunday 12-4PM at Insurgo.

The training on Sundays works with the following schedule in consistent rotation:

Week 1: Study technique, taught by specialist
Week 2: Ensemble secluded study of technique, no specialist
Week 3: Study technique, taught by specialist
Week 4: Ensemble secluded study of technique, no specialist
Week 5: Workshop for Public, taught by ensemble
Week 6: off

Training will be postponed for major holidays.

For more information call 702.771.7331 or or visit Insurgo Theater website.