Ben Silverman, John Ferriter and The Alizma Triplets at LAVO

Alizma Triplets at LAVO (Photo credit: Grace Rakich)
Sunday evening the private dining room at LAVO inside The Palazzo was packed with power players from the television industry (Alizma Triplets and Chef Ludo photo by Grace Rakich).Ben Silverman,  co-chair of NBC Entertainment /NBC Universal Television played host.

John Ferriter, Chef Ludo, Ben Silverman at LAVO
John Ferriter, Chef Ludo, Ben Silverman at LAVO (Photo credit: Grace Rakich)

Silverman is being honored at this year’s NATPE convention and his guests included partners from Reveille, creators of The Biggest Loser and adaptors of The Office for the US market, Tony DiSanto, head of programming for MTV and John Ferriter, worldwide head of reality television for William Morris, among others. The Alizma Triplets, the Polish violin trio also stopped by the dinner.

Silverman, who is an aficionado of food and wine, requested Chef Ludo Lefebvre visit the group following dinner and applause broke out when Chef entered the room as everyone praised the Mediterranean meal they had just experienced.