World Famous Moonlite BunnyRanch Anxious to Open in Las Vegas

After 54 years of operating in the same location outside of Carson City, Nevada, the BunnyRanch may have an opportunity to expand elsewhere.

The owner of the BunnyRanch, Dennis Hof, supports the Nevada State Senator Bob Coffin with legalizing prostitution in urban areas; as Coffin stated, “It’s an idea worth entertaining.”  A future hearing on proposals to legalize and tax prostitution in Reno and Las Vegas could result in the BunnyRanch having multiple locations.

Dennis Hof is eager to open additional locations in Las Vegas and Reno and has begun to seek luxury hotel properties in anticipation of legalized prostitution in these cities. In the month of December 2008, the BunnyRanch had over 1,500 applicants; all were women seeking an alternate profession. However, not all women can be hired due to lack of space. Additional BunnyRanch locations in Las Vegas and Reno would provide these women with the opportunity to conduct legal work. “That means we could have 1,500 more ladies on the 8th year of the HBO smash hit CatHouse,” says Dennis Hof.

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