L Makeup Agency is Educational Source for Aspiring Makeup Artists and Seasoned Professionals

L Makeup Agency and Institute
L Makeup Agency and Institute offers top-notch training and workshops in the field of makeup artistry. The new educational center offers hands-on workshops and a diverse curriculum that appeals to both the aspiring artist and the seasoned professional. 

 L Makeup Agency and Institute

L Makeup Agency and Institute

Some of the available classes include: Foundations of Make-up, which teaches beginners how to understand the color theory and how it relates to make-up, and also helps develop sound makeup techniques to reach their full artistic potential; Faces On Screen, which guides students through the steps of creating clean, feature enhancing make-up for film and video production; and Airbrush Makeup, which teaches the intermediate level makeup artist how to develop this new dimension to their artistry.

Owner Lissette Waugh with studentStudents are also given the opportunity to craft their style alongside outside industry professionals including photographers, hairstylists and cameramen. Following their course study, L Makeup Institute & Agency will also help secure industry work for talented artists through their in-house talent agency.

Pictured on left: Owner Lissette Waugh with student

L Makeup Institute & Agency is conveniently located in the arts District of Downtown Las Vegas at 241 W. Charleston Blvd, Suite 150. For more information on class schedules and pricing, call 702-685-9298 or go to www.lmakeupinstitute.com.

L Makeup Institute & Agency is owned and operated by Lissette Waugh, Las Vegas’ most sought-after makeup artist. Waugh has beautified the famous faces of Salma Hayek, Paris Hilton and Kirsten Dunst as well as numerous Las Vegas notables. Her talents have been featured in many magazines such as In Shape, Vogue, and VEGAS Magazine In addition to her freelance work, Waugh has collaborated with numerous legendary hair stylists such as Laurent D, Michael Boychuck and John Barrett.

Photos Courtesy of L Makeup Agency and Institute.

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