Jerry’s Nugget Casino Shares the Love this Valentine’s Day with Gaming and Dining Specials

Hearts are warmed, romance is alive and pockets are filled at Jerry’s Nugget Casino this Valentine’s Day with great gaming and dining options.

From 12 a.m. (midnight) to 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 14, Jerry’s Nugget will offer two gaming specials that are sure to payoff. With Valentine’s Day in mind, any player at the blackjack tables that scores a blackjack comprised of an ace and face card or ace and 10-value card, with all cards being the suit of hearts, will receive a two to one (2 to 1) payoff for that hand only. There is no limit to the amount of two to one payoffs a player may receive during the 24-hour promotional period.

Also during that time, video poker players have a chance to receive a “hearts jackpot” on all quarter and dollar machines. Winners receive a bonus payout on:

  • $500 bonus on a Royal Flush in all hearts
  • $25 bonus on a Straight Flush in all hearts

For this, no wild cards are allowed and maximum coins must be played. Players must be a More Club member and have their player’s card inserted at the time of the jackpot. Winners must also leave the heart jackpot on the machine until verified by the slot supervisor. A complete list of rules for the heart jackpot and the blackjack payout are available inside the More Club at Jerry’s Nugget.

Hearts will swell inside Uncle Angelo’s Pizza Joint as it serves up a Valentine Heart Pizza, so patrons can “share the love.” The 16-inch heart-shaped pizza includes two traditional toppings of choice and is available Feb. 13 through Feb. 15 for just $13. On Valentine’s Day, the pizzeria and Italian restaurant will offer several additional specials for that special someone. These include a mushroom scallop risotto for $12; Pollo Affinocchiato comprised of chicken sautéed with pancetta, red onions, almonds and fennel seeds and served with fennel sautéed in butter and parmesan cheese for $14; and Shrimp Rancetto that features fresh shrimp sautéed with onions, pancetta, tomatoes and pecorino cheese then tossed with spaghetti and topped with fresh marjoram for $14.

Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop features several Valentine’s Day dinner specials, at a variety of prices. Highlighted items are Cupid’s Twin Lobsters which consists of two six-ounce Canadian lobster tails with lemon butter for $23.89, Filet and Lobster that includes an eight-ounce filet and a seven-ounce lobster for $25.89 and Steak Diane made up of a 12-ounce strip steak tenderized and seasoned to perfection and served on a hot cast iron platter topped with sautéed mushroom caps for $13.89. Each meal includes a choice of dinner salad, Mexican salad or asparagus soup and a side of Greek spaghetti, potato or rice. Decadent desserts such as red velvet cake with a heart topping, chocolate mousse parfait with a tuxedo strawberry chocolate on top, strawberry torte with red roses or banana pound cake filled with vanilla custard and fresh bananas are also being offered.

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