GI JAMS Presents Musical Talents of United States Military Troops and Veterans

In honor of Veteran’s Day, GI JAMS presents the musical talents of the United States military troops and veterans at the Cannery Casino & Hotel, Friday, November 12 at 8 p.m. The concert only includes veterans and active military members many of whom have just returned from deployment or will be deployed after the concert.
GI JAMS is dedicated to providing the men and women of the armed services an opportunity to showcase their musical talents. Tickets are $15.00 with a valid military ID and $22.00. Tickets can be purchased at the Cannery Casino & Hotel’s ticket sales counter located at the front desk, by calling (702) 507-5757 or online at  Tickets are on sale now. 
There are a total of nine bands playing all original music and include American Attitude, Joe Speed Band, Potter’s Gamble, Jerard Brewer, Destruction Evolution, Ric Ulsky, Cory Bower, and Dark and McDermid.
American Attitude is made up of active military men from Jacksonville, Florida who currently serve in the Air Force and the Navy.  The band originally started to entertain other servicemen at their base NCO club.  American Attitude became such a hit with their base and was soon asked to play at other military bases as well as civilian venues.  Starting off as a cover band American Attitude now have their own original sound.  They have become popular for their fun feel good music and can ensure their audience will have a good time.  American Attitude’s members include: Chris Henderson on lead vocals, Matt Smithers on bass, Marc Meyers on drums, and Shawn Watchorn on guitar.
Joe Speed Band, part of the Wyoming National Guard recently finished their spring deployment in Iraq.  Joe Speed Band, which consists of Jeremiah Eaton, Nathan Harvey, and Dusty Scott recently had the great privilege to play for Senator John McCain.  Joe Speed Band was originally stationed in Ft. Lewis, Washington and that is where they created their band. This last Christmas, while in Iraq, the band recorded “Cowboy Solider” in their tent on site.
Adrian Manuel also known as Potter’s Gamble just arrived home from Iraq last week!  A UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot he describes music as one of his greatest passions.  During his recent station in Iraq, Adrian Manuel was still able to record his music, which he describes was his outlet while he was stationed.  
Jerard Brewer, a Lieutenant Colonel has spent the last 24 years in the Marines.  He is currently stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Jerard Brewer first learned to play the guitar in college and became hooked. After he finished college he began his career in the Marine Corps and continued his love of music.  He is currently working on his second album.
Corey Bower, a member of the Air Force is currently stationed at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.  When he was just a little boy his dad introduced him to the guitar and that is where he developed his passion for music.  Ever since his first experience with music he uses his spare time to play guitar and write lyrics for his songs.
Destruction Evolution is made up of Air Force and Army Veterans.  A metal band with a heavy blues sound, they find inspiration for their music from Black Sabbath and Metallica to name a few.  Their newest album Relentless they describe as high energy.  They have opened for numerous rock and metal bands such as Saxxon Dokken and Texas Hippie Collection. Destruction Evolution’s members include: Steve “Sin” Sinatra the lead vocalist, Jimmy “the Freak” Littleton on the bass and guitar, Chris “Penga” Peng on lead guitar and backing vocals, a Richie “IKBPM” Ibanez on the drums, and Donny Nall on rhythm guitar.
Ric Ulsky is an Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War.  During his service he entered the “All Army Entertainment Contest” and won first prize and from there went on to establish a professional music career.  He first joined the band The City Zoo and then went on to start his own band, Epicentre that he describes as a “funk-rock tower of power style band”.  He currently resides in Las Vegas.
Dark and McDermid was created by Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran Don Dark.  Together with his hometown friend Cullen “Rick” McDermid he wrote all of his music.  Recently after joining GIJams Don Dark passed away but his friend Rick McDermid will be at the GIJAMS showcase to play their music.
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