Vegas Vets get a Piece of the High Life

Patrons of the Sahara have spoken up and have casted their votes with bottle caps. With the huge out pouring of public support the Sahara Hotel & Casino is thrilled to celebrate Southern Nevada’s contribution to the Miller High Life Military Program in partnership with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

“Miller High Life’s ‘Give a Veteran a Piece of the High Life’ program gives new veterans a positive, memorable experience, connects the community of veterans and helps raise the public’s awareness of the challenges facing this population,” said IAVA Founder and Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff.

At the Sahara alone, Seventeen Full bottles containing over 305,000 caps were collected with a total weight of 1,480 pounds. “The Sahara Hotel and Casino is honored to participate in an outstanding program that impacts so many lives especially those in our community,” said Bill Tremper, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Sahara Hotel and Casino, “We extend our sincere gratitude to the patrons who supported the campaign and to our Veterans.” Proceeds will go directly to providing veterans with a variety of “High Life” experiences ranging from tickets to professional sporting events and concerts to outdoor adventures throughout the summer valued up to $1million. “Miller High Life is all about standing up for common sense – and nothing makes more sense than helping veterans live the High Life,” said Miller High Life Brand Manager Joe Abegg. Due to the tremendous outpouring of public support the collection event originally scheduled to conclude on September 30 has been extended through the remainder of 2010.

To celebrate the Sahara’s outstanding participation in Miller High Life Military Program, a results celebration has been scheduled for Thursday October 28, 2010 from 6pm to 9pm at the NASCAR Café. The official Miller High Life Deliver Guy, Windell Middlebrooks, will host the event. Which will also feature life performances from The Magic of Rick Thomas, The sexy cast of Striptease and the talented performers of Recycled Percussion.

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