IGT to Unveil a New Spin on Video Poker Games at G2E 2010

International Game Technology will bring the latest in video poker action to the 2010 Global Gaming Expo (G2E), Nov. 16-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. These games feature entertaining new video poker game designs and new spins on traditional favorites.

“Video poker is an important part of the casino floor, and delivering the top-performing games in this space is one of IGT’s greatest strengths,” said Ron Rivera, IGT senior vice president of North America sales. “IGT continually develops sustainable and successful video poker games designed to entertain both the avid video poker player and new audiences alike.”

The new Build A Wheel Poker game is positioned to be the next generation of the wildly successful video poker wheel games. With the individualized experience provided by Build A Wheel Poker, players are rewarded for continued play by earning slices in jackpot categories on a video wheel. This game offers the first-ever dynamic video wheel used in a video poker bonus. And when players fill in the wheel slices or are dealt a full house, they get to spin their wheel and collect a big win. It’s never the same game twice. This crossover game is designed to appeal to both video poker players and slot players who like to spin and win.

Texas Hold’em Heads Up Poker showcases IGT’s original, out-of-the-box thinking. Texas Hold’em Heads Up Poker brings unprecedented technology to the casino floor. It’s the first video poker game to use a neural net, a technology-developed mathematical model that simulates the operation of the human brain. Players will enjoy the interactive experience of going heads up against an opponent like no other: a computer program developed to be a dynamic decision-making engine.

Texas Hold’em Heads Up Poker delivers an authentic live table game experience in a video poker box, with no rake and no paytable. This groundbreaking game was specifically designed to attract a wide variety of audiences—not only players familiar with the world’s most-popular table game, but also video poker players looking for something new to try. Texas Hold’em Heads Up Poker captures the best of live poker behavioral nuances, such as “bluffing” and “thinking.” The program plays according to standard rules of the game, but has the ability to interact with its opponent to apply those rules. Decisions are made based on the current game state, but unlike a live opponent, the program does not “learn” a player’s strategy. This game offers an ideal scenario for players interested in a less-intimidating version of a live table game or for anyone looking for a new game play challenge. Traditional video poker players will recognize an optional side bet to enter the multi-hit stud poker with a familiar paytable and the chance to double the card action. Players also have the option to customize the table with a virtual favorite beverage and a virtual good luck charm—several fun choices range from a cigar and a pilsner to a martini and a lucky rabbit’s foot.