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Mickie and Gene Adler Married at ‘Defending the Caveman’

Mr. and Mrs. Adler moments after they exchanged vows.
Mr. and Mrs. Adler moments after they exchanged vows.

Defending the Caveman, Broadway’s smash hit about relationships, celebrated Valentine’s Day with a wedding. Las Vegas residents Mickie Hollander (72) and Gene Adler (80) were united in matrimony following the 3 p.m. performance of Defending the Caveman. This very special occasion was officiated by star of Defending the Caveman and ordained minister, Kevin Burke.

The happy couple were joined by more than 20 family and friends and numerous audience members who joined the celebration. Upon leaving the stage as a married couple, they walked through a line of cave men and women who formed an archway with wooden ‘cave-clubs.’ The party continued with a reception of champagne and cake where Mickie and Gene were met with hundreds of hugs and congratulations.

Hollander and Adler fell in love with Defending the Caveman in the summer of 2008. This enthusiastic couple wanted a wedding that would provide a wonderful experience and felt celebrating with their favorite show would be ideal.