Award-Winning Magazine Desert Companion to Publish Monthly in 2011

At the start of the New Year, Nevada Public Radio’s award-winning city-regional magazine Desert Companion will expand from six to 12 issues annually. The publication will continue to spark dialogue and engage readers through its coverage of topics ranging from people and politics to fashion and food.

“Las Vegas deserves to have a great city-regional magazine, and we are up to that challenge,” said Flo Rogers, president and general manager of Nevada Public Radio. “In 2009, the combined circulation for Desert Companion was 205,000 with 2 percent online readers. In 2010, that number rose to 323,300 with 7.2 percent online readers. That is a strong endorsement that we are connecting with readers who appreciate great writing (including humor), lavish photography and lifestyle articles. Desert Companion also serves the needs of regional advertisers who want to reach residents in a high quality print environment supported by the unique broadcast and online marketing that Nevada Public Radio can offer through its public media outlets.”

The publication was first introduced in 2003 as the Nevada Public Radio Cultural Guide delivered to members. In 2007, the name of the publication changed to Desert Companion and expanded its content beyond a cultural activities guide. In 2008, the publication began publishing quarterly, and in late 2009 it went bi-monthly. The editor of Desert Companion is Andrew Kiraly, art director is Chris Smith and advertising/corporate support manager is Christine Kiely.

Rogers adds, “Desert Companion is published by Nevada Public Radio and is self supporting. We approach every edition with the same core values of community service, quality and editorial integrity.”

Desert Companion is available in print by subscription, can be picked up at any of the 20 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Jamba Juice locations in the Las Vegas Valley, and is available at many area libraries and on the campuses of UNLV and CSN. The publication can also be read in its entirety on the Desert Companion website.

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