Jerry’s Nugget Casino Continues to Reward Players with Great Gaming

With the economy in a rut, Jerry’s Nugget Casino looks out for its players with a new stimulus cash promotion and expanded days for its popular clubBoomer program and point multipliers, and lucky St. Patrick’s Day specials:

Next Day Stimulus Cash Every day from Saturday, Feb. 21 through Saturday, March 21, More Club players will have a chance to win a Next Day Stimulus Cash reward. Players that earn 2,000 More Club points in one day by playing slots, video poker or video keno are eligible to win by swiping their players card in the kiosk the next day after earning the required points. Players can then win anywhere from $2 to $80 and are eligible to do so following each day they earn the required points. Next Day Stimulus Cash does not subtract points from a player’s account and it must be redeemed the following day or becomes invalid.

clubBoomer offers more days for players age 55+ Jerry’s Nugget wants to make sure all of its players 55 years and older have the option to participate in its clubBoomer. Since not all eligible players can get to the casino on Wednesdays, they have expanded clubBoomer days throughout each week. The new schedule offers clubBoomer on:

  • Mon, Feb 23
  • Tues, Mar 10
  • Wed, Mar 4 and 18
  • Thurs, Feb 26
  • Fri, Mar 6
  • Sat, Feb 21 and Mar 14
  • Sun, Mar 15

During clubBoomer day, players age 55 plus will be eligible to receive a $10 meal coupon, qualified with 550 points play on that day. Those players will also receive five times points on slots, video poker and video keno on play for that day, as well as a $5 Pit Match Play coupon. Additionally, clubBoomer players will be eligible for various gifts, prizes and activities as announced.

Point multipliers now offered on various games and days Along the lines of clubBoomer, Jerry’s Nugget is now varying its options for bonus point days and no longer limiting it to Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Games and days are now varied:

  • Earn five times points on all $1 reels on Feb 20, Mar 1 and Mar 13
  • Earn five times points on all video reels on Feb 25, Mar 3, Mar 7 and Mar 12
  • After hours, earn three times points on any video games from midnight to 6 a.m. on Feb 28 and Mar 15
  • Earn three times points on all games on Mar 8

St. Patrick’s Day gaming specials From 12 a.m. (midnight) to 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17, Jerry’s Nugget will offer two gaming specials that are sure to payoff. With four leaf clovers in mind, any player at the blackjack tables that scores a blackjack comprised of an ace and face card or ace and 10-value card, with all cards being the suit of clubs, will receive a two to one (2 to 1) payoff for that hand only. There is no limit to the amount of two to one payoffs a player may receive during the 24-hour promotional period.

Also during that time, video poker players have a chance to receive a “clubs jackpot” on all quarter and dollar machines. Winners receive a bonus payout on:

  • $500 bonus on a Royal Flush in all clubs
  • $25 bonus on a Straight Flush in all clubs

For this, no wild cards are allowed and maximum coins must be played. Players must be a More Club member and have their player’s card inserted at the time of the jackpot. Winners must also leave the clubs jackpot on the machine until verified by the slot supervisor.

A complete listing of rules for all promotions is available inside The More Club rewards center at Jerry’s Nugget.

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