Women Executives in the Beverage Industry – Launch Event at Palms Place March 8

An international professional organization designed specifically to focus attention on issues surrounding women within the beverage industry will be launched at the Culture event in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 8, 2011. The first of its kind, Women Executives in the Beverage Industry (WEBI) will serve as an empowerment, scholarship, advocacy and training resource for women and men who desire to equalize employment, professional development and educational opportunities for women in one of the world’s largest consumable products industries.

Founded by fifteen women executives who distill beer and spirited beverages, make wine, craft teas, decorate cocktails, produce syrups and juices and from avocations of related activity, WEBI, a New York based not-for-profit corporation, has also created a scholarship fund with a generous opening gift from ÜBER Bar Tools of Sydney, Australia, a staunch believer in the mission and goals of WEBI.

“The beverage industry has traditionally been dominated by male executives, managers and workers, but this is not necessarily the case anymore,” said Katherine Tait, CEO of SENCE-Worldwide, a founding member of the WEBI board of directors. “The scales are not balanced with respect to availability of training, educational resources, promotional opportunities and entry-level professional position availability for members of the female gender. WEBI cannot address all challenges that exist in today’s beverage world, but it will afford a platform for a better understanding of these and other hurdles, and allow for a spotlight to be focused upon those issues of crucial importance in a timely and effective manner,” Tait added.

“WEBI is a membership organization and has various levels of sponsorship categories based upon the amount of a corporate or individual contribution granted. However, every member has an equal voice and equal rights under the WEBI constitution and by-laws,” stated Cindy McClure, WEBI co-founder and owner of Dress The Drink LLC based in Las Vegas.

For more information about WEBI and its programs, please write to info@1WEBI.org and visit us on Facebook — WEBI (Women Executives in the Beverage Industry). Please address E-mail communications before March 8, 2011 to Katherine@sencenectar.com.