Flightlinez and Fremont Street Experience to Hold ‘Fremont Street Drive-In, Fly-By’ Fundraiser

Flightlinez and the Fremont Street Experience will hold a day-long fundraiser with proceeds from all zipline rides benefitting the Professional Drivers Association and the family of slain cab driver Tesfaye Arze. A.N.L.V. cab driver, Arze, 30, was killed while on duty in the early morning hours on March 4, 2011 in an alleged attempted robbery.

“Cab drivers are such a big part of the lifeline of Las Vegas and sometimes they’re faced with dangerous situations and often those situations end with injury or even death, as in this case. We wanted to honor both Tesfaye and support a group that helps drivers and families in similar situations,” said Flightlinez President Rex Owen.

Flightlinez and Fremont Street Experience are committed to serving the Las Vegas community by hosting charitable fundraisers throughout the year. Most recently, the team donated $15,000 to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Monday, March 28, 2011
Noon until midnight

Noon until 6 p.m. Flightlinez Zipline rides are $15
6 p.m. until midnight Flightlinez Zipline rides are $20

100% of all proceeds will be split evenly to benefit the Professional Drivers Association and the family of Tesfaye Arze.

Fremont Street Experience
425 Fremont Street
Downtown Las Vegas, Nev.

Flightlinez operates the zipline ride attraction located at the Fremont Street Experience and continuously puts forth fundraising efforts to support charities and worthwhile causes in Las Vegas. For more information on Flightlinez, please visit www.fremontstreetflightline.com.

In its continuing effort to help Las Vegas taxi drivers who have been the victims of crime while on duty, the Professional Drivers Association Board has raised more than $144,000 to date and have distributed more than $100,000 to drivers who have been killed or injured by criminal acts. www.pdalasvegas.com