“Commission Free” Pai Gow Premieres at Cannery Casino Resorts

When you’re a winner at Pai Gow, we think you deserve to take home ALL your winnings, not pay a commission to the house. At other casinos you lose even when you win.

Effective immediately, Cannery Casino Resort properties (CCR), including The Rampart Casino, Eastside Cannery Casino & Cannery Casino, are offering Las Vegas’ only NO COMMISSION Progressive variation of the game. It’s an exclusive change that will allow players to potentially keep tens, hundreds or thousands of extra dollars of their own winnings.

All other Progressive Pai Gow games in Las Vegas charge a 5% commission fee when the player hand wins. Cannery Casino Resorts partnered with DEQ Systems Corporation (DEQ) to provide this variation which allows players to keep more of their winnings, while speeding up the game.

In lieu of taking 5% of your winnings, we had to make one simple change to the game. When a dealer receives a Queen high Pai Gow all player winning hands are pushed.

Currently, the Progressive Pai Gow jackpot at the Rampart Casino is more than $200,000. It’s $141,000 at the Eastside Cannery Casino & Hotel and approaching $68,000 at the Cannery Casino & Hotel. All properties have tables reserved for Pai Gow play.