Experience “The Rock ‘n Roll Wine Tasting Room & Sound Bar” at The Hostile Grape Starting April 1

Unorthodox wine pairings, interactive wine showdowns and live music all collide starting Friday, April 1 inside the award-winning Hostile Grape wine bar as the M Resort Spa Casino and its newest partner Rock ‘n Roll Wine introduce the Rock ‘n Roll Wine Tasting Room & Sound Bar.

Held weekly, starting at 5 pm, the Rock ‘n Roll Wine Tasting Room & Sound Bar will combine elements of a traditional wine country tasting with Rock ‘n Roll Wine’s signature brand of musically-themed wine pairings, first class live entertainment, and personable customer service. Each week guests can expect a unique selection of delicious wines, featured wineries, and an entertaining, energetic atmosphere. Beginning at 9:30 pm each Friday, Rock ‘n Roll Wine will introduce up and coming breakthrough bands and musicians from around the country to perform semi-acoustic and acoustic concerts that evening.

“The Rock ‘n Roll Wine Tasting Room & Sound Bar is about more than just a glass of wine. It’s about a wine experience,” said Chris Hammond, Founder, Rock ‘n Roll Wine. “It’s a blend of delicious wine, amazing live music, and unparalleled hospitality in an exceptional award-winning setting. Whether you stay for one hour or six, our goal is to treat you to an experience like none other.”

In addition to the wine country style tastings, Rock ‘n Roll will also bring their trademarked style of wine pairing to the underground wine bar. The group will take a section of the wine dispensing Enomatic machines and custom-match selected wines to a musical genre based on each wine’s unique characteristics. Musical genres will include Reggae, R&B, Indie/Alternative, Top 40/Pop, 80’s Hair Band, Hippie, Classic Rock and Hip Hop.

“The concept of musically-themed wine pairings is something we trademarked years ago. Whether you’re new to wine or have an exquisite palette, our signature brand of wine tasting will peak your curiosity and challenge you to think about each wine’s unique blend of flavors and decide for yourself what type of music pairs well,” said Sonny Barton, Co-Founder of Rock ‘n Roll Wine.

To add an interactive component to the evening Rock ‘n Roll Wine will invite guests to participate in its Weekly Wine Showdown. Each week two wine flights will be offered for guests to purchase and vote on. Voting will be conducted via text messaging. Participating guests will receive bounce back drink and dining specials. Votes will be displayed on televisions positioned around the venue that will also stream a real-time Twitter feed of favorite wines and social conversation.

“The entire program that Rock ‘n Roll Wine has put together for the Hostile Grape is something we believe in and know will appeal to a variety of people,” said Jody Lake, General Manager, M Resort. “We’ve worked with Chris and Sonny on a number of outdoor events throughout the years and know they have a proven track record of success. We are excited to build our relationship with them and introduce an experience like none other in the city.”

The Rock ‘n Roll Wine Tasting Room & Sound Bar will open this Friday, April 1 and will return each Friday thereafter. On April 1, guests are invited to taste and explore featured wines from Rock ‘n Roll Wine including the debut of their highly-anticipated new white wine, Rhapsody. The Weekly Wine Showdown will feature Reggae Wines vs. Hippie Wines and at 9:30 pm guests will be treated to a live performance by breakthrough artist Jared Lee. Lee was named an “Artist to Watch” by Clear Channel and his singles “It’s Over (Goodbye)” and “Beautiful World” have recently been featured on this season of American Idol.

Rock ‘n Roll Wine Tasting Room & Sound Bar
April 1 Line-Up

  • Featured Winery: Rock ‘n Roll Wine
  • Weekly Wine Showdown featuring Reggae Wines vs. Hippie Wines
  • Live Musical Performance at 9:30pm with Jared Lee
  • No Cover Charge/Concerts are free
  • 21+ Only

Founded by Sommelier Chris Hammond and business partner Sonny Barton, Rock ‘n Roll Wine is a wine events, marketing and promotions company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people approach, perceive, and enjoy wine. Rock ‘n Roll Wine produces their signature high-energy wine tasting events in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Ann Arbor in addition to making their own line of award-winning wines. They believe the wine experience is just as important as the quality of the wine. Combining the right atmosphere, with the right music, and the right people is when “the juice” truly shines. For more information, visit www.rocknrollwine.com.