Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood Debuts Wine On Tap with Keykeg Wine Delivery System

Rick Moonen’s rm seafood at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is pleased to announce the installation of the KeyKeg wine delivery system for its eco-minded guests. As diners become increasingly aware of the impact that each meal has on the environment, restaurants such as Rick Moonen’s rm seafood have sought to implement techniques and technology that further aid the green movement. The wine keg is currently available in the downstairs dining room of Rick Moonen’s rm seafood, in both red and white varietals.

This revolutionary one-way wine keg, developed by Master Sommelier William Sherer, is made of recycled plastics and is continuously sanitized and reused by the restaurant, eliminating both waste and fuel that would be used to return the keg to be refilled. As the wine keg is recycled, this allows for less demand on the environment to produce glass bottles, corks, paper labels and wine boxes – as just one keg of wine represents 26 bottles of wine. In addition to simply being good for the environment, eliminating the need for these resources also translates into approximately 15% savings in cost to the consumer.

“Rick Moonen’s rm seafood is about respecting the world one step at a time,” said Wine Director Terry O’Neil. “We are happy to offer our guests a way to drink well while keeping sustainability and the environment in mind.”

The wines include Long Gamma Red, a blend of 75% Zinfandel, 20% Syrah and 5% Petit Syrah, which has an interesting blend of deep, ripe flavors of jam and wild raspberry. The Petit Syrah adds floral fragrance and peppery spice, while the Syrah, fermented 20 months in French oak, adds great density and body to the blend. The white varietal is Iberian Remix, an off the beaten path alternative to Chardonnay. Made of 100% Albarino, this wine is fresh and lemony with orange blossoms on the nose and creating a crisp finish. Both wines are available as a five-ounce pour for $10 or half bottle (12.5 ounce carafe) for $20.

From keg to table, the KeyKeg is a sustainable solution for environmentally conscious wine lovers and gourmands and one that Rick Moonen’s rm seafood has embraced to further its endeavors to be not only a grand dining experience, but an ecologically sound one as well.