M Resort Spa Casino Debuts ‘In-Running’ Betting in Race and Sports Book

Today, M Resort Spa Casino became the first U.S. casino to offer ‘in-running’ betting – wagering on live sporting events before and throughout the event – at its state-of-the-art Race and Sports Book. The M Resort, which opened March 1, has turned the tables on resort-casino architecture, amenities, service and now on the way guests bet on live events.

“You used to have to place your bets before the game started. Once the game got underway, all bets were off and you were sitting hoping your team pulled through for you,” said Anthony A. Marnell, III, Chairman and CEO, M Resort. “Now, with in-running betting, you can watch the game on TV, while sitting in our Race and Sports Book, and update your bets in direct response to what happens during the game – totally immersed in the action of the game. It’s fast-moving and continuously exciting.”

The M Resort will offer in-running bets for select games, beginning today with men’s college basketball and continuing with professional baseball and football. Initially, in-running bets can be made on the total points of the game, the spread or the money line. As bettors begin to utilize and understand in-running, more options will be added so bets can also be made on proposition-type wagers such as the number of free-throws scored during the game, the next team to score a touchdown, or whether the next pitch will be a strike and more.

Bettors can make educated decisions about how the game is shaping up and actually hedge their bets based on the action. Imagine being able to take the over in the third quarter, or bet the total points with minutes left in the fourth quarter. Or betting whether the next batter will strike out or the next pass will be a touchdown.

Guests must have an account to utilize in-running bets and can sign up inside the M’s Race and Sports Book. The Race and Sports Book will also have extra betting tablets, roughly the size of a notebook, for guests to check out and carry with them anywhere in the sports book.

Guests can join the action when they want, which means they can make a better judgment during the game as well as hedge bets that they may have made before the start of the event.

“With in-running betting you are always in the game. You’re never out and never late coming to a game,” said Marnell. “Everything is done in real time and you can see the points, spread and money line fluctuate as the game goes on. We’re giving M’s sports bettors the most innovative way to bet in the country and the most exciting way to do it.”

Adjacent to M’s Vig Deli, the Race and Sports Book mixes the comforts of home with cutting-edge technology and high energy gaming excitement. The Race and Sports Book offers traditional and VIP lounge seating to create a relaxed atmosphere where service is just as important as the game. With an adjacent access point and easy parking, the Race and Sports Book is convenient for bettors wanting to make a quick stop or an extended stay to enjoy M Resort’s amenities. The M Resort Race and Sports Book offers individual player betting terminals, and lines on all major race and sports events including NASCAR, golf, tennis and boxing.