Frankie’s Tiki Room Clam Party

Frankie's Tiki Room Clam Party
Frankie’s Tiki Room
, along with owner P Moss and artist Dirk Vermin, hosted a Bearded Clam Party  to celebrate the introduction of the second series White Bearded Clam tiki mug on Wednesday, March 25.

Guests and collectors gathered to bid farewell and purchase the final remaining first series Brown Bearded Clam mugs.

Additionally, they had a first-look at the new White Bearded Clam signature mug and met Dirk Vermin, the creative genius behind the original artwork and design.

The Brown Bearded Clam mug is a limited edition tiki masterpiece and is one of the eight original Frankie’s Tiki Room collectable mugs that were introduced when the bar first opened in December 2008. Guests may purchase a set of eight Frankie’s Tiki Room signature mugs for $99, or individually for $15.

New White Bearded Clam signature mug
New White Bearded Clam signature mug

Dirk VerminFrankie’s Tiki Room, open around the clock, invites guests to experience the one-of-a-kind tiki environment complemented by traditional carvings, original Polynesian art, a full bar and gaming.

Distant from the glitz and glamour yet central enough for out-of-towners and residents Valley-wide, Frankie’s provides a perfect paradise retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle of Sin City.

Every element from the authenticity of the bar, the variety of original exotic drinks like the Thurston Howl, Lava Letch and the Fink Bomb in addition to collectible souvenir mugs, tiki statues and handcrafted artwork, were carefully selected to harmonize the overall atmosphere.